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I get paid to take surveys online – for free. It costs me nothing to make this money other than my time. It’s free money – seriously! I can’t understand how anyone with an internet connection doesn’t take advantage of these opportunities, too.

I have become more and more impressed with Gangstergreed. Just this morning, I finished a few surveys online, reached the payment threshold of $10 or more, can clicked “payout”. Within 30 MINUTES, that money was in my Paypal account!

Yes, it is THAT easy.

Whenever I hear someone on a forum ask how to make some extra money online, I want to scream – “JOIN GANGSTERGREED!”

Even if you just mess around on the site and only make an extra $50 a month – that is $50 you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The BEST part of Gangstergreed is the unlimited, passive earning potential they offer from their referral system.


Who else better to explain that than the SEO of Gangstergreed himself:

In short, our referral system offers unlimited referral levels, starting at 25% commission for direct (first level) referrals.

One common question I received from people who hadn’t used a site like this was:

“I know you advertise unlimited referral levels, but what does that mean? What are referral levels?”

Referral levels can best be described as “generations” of referrals. For example, if you were to refer your friend Tom, who in turn refers his friend Sam, then Tom would be your first level referral, and Sam would be a second level referral. Most of our competitors STOP paying after the second level, so you wouldn’t make any more money after Sam. But lets say Sam refers 5 friends, don’t you think you deserve credit because he wouldn’t be here if not for you referring Tom? We do! Under our system, you’ll be paid a percentage of these 5 friends’ earnings, and a percentage of earnings from anyone that they refer, and so on and so forth!

“Exactly how much do I make for second, third, and subsequent level referrals? How does this compare to other sites?”

I suppose the best way to tackle this question is to first explain how most of our competitors’ referral systems operate. Most sites offer 20% for first level referrals, and 5% for second level, a few sites will give you 1% or so for a third level but even that is rare. I’ll provide some examples to illustrate the benefits of our program:

Example 1 (Using a competitor site:

You are using a competitor site which offers 20% for first level referrals, and 5% for second level.

This site will track the offer earnings generated by people you refer, whereas we track both offer AND referral earnings.

So, if you were to refer 5 members, whom each earn $5.00:

20% of $25.00 = $5.00
You earn a total of $5.00 from these first level members

Now lets say those 5 members each refer 5 new members, who also earn $5.00 each:

5% of $125.00 = $6.25
You earn a total of $6.25 from these second level members.

Grand total earnings: $11.25

Beyond that second level, our competitors pay you NOTHING. Even if those 25 members each refer 5 members for a total of 125 new members, they don’t share any more profits with you. Some people are very talented and innovative and are capable of referring thousands of users. These users are known as “super-referrers” and are excellent to have below you. However, they won’t benefit you one bit on this competitor’s site unless they are in your first level. How unfair is that?

Our system: awards you 25% of your referrals TOTAL earnings, including both offer and referral earnings. So your commission includes 25% of your first level’s total earnings, which includes 25% of their referral’s total earnings, which includes 25% of THEIR referral’s total earnings, and so on. Therefore, regardless of the number of referral levels, you still earn!

How much do you earn? Some of you math wizards may have already figured it out, but for the rest of us, here’s the breakdown:

For your first level referrals you’ll get:


From their referrals you get:

25% of 25% = 6.25% (second level)

From their referrals you get:

25% of 25% of 25% = 1.56% (third level)

From their referrals you get:

25% of 25% of 25% of 25% = 0.39% (fourth level)

From their referrals you get:

25% of 25% of 25% of 25% of 25% = 0.097% (fifth level)

And so on and so forth.

Now, it may seem like a small amount after 3 or 4 levels, but remember that there may be thousands upon thousands of users below you by these levels. And those little earnings really add up, as shown in this next example!

Example 2 (Using

If you were to refer the SAME 5 members used in the competitor’s example, whom each earn $5.00:

25% of $25.00 = $6.25
You earn a total of $6.25 from these members.

Now, just like in example 1, lets say those 5 members each refer 5 new members, who also earn $5.00 each:

6.25% of $125.00 = $7.81

But unlike with our competitors, the earnings don’t stop there!

Assuming that each of these second level referrals make 5 new referrals (this gives you a total of 125 third level referrals), whom each earn $5:

1.56% of $625.00 = $9.75

Assuming that everyone makes just $5.00 and refers just 5 people (some refer thousands) you will make the following:

4th level: $12.18

5th level: $15.16

And so on… the earnings can literally go on and on forever!

Now imagine that you get a super-referrer somewhere in your line, and he/she refers thousands! And they, in turn refer thousands! Or maybe you’re a super-referrer yourself? You won’t know unless you try! There is absolutely NO limit to how many people you can refer, nor how much money you can earn. It costs NOTHING, so what have you got to lose?

“How do I get started? Is there any limit to where I can advertise?

To get started, simply log into the site and click the “referral center” button. This will give you your personal referral link which will look something like this:

You can advertise on forums and message boards, in chat rooms, on your personal website, your MySpace site, on flyers throughout your school (assuming that they allow it, don’t get into trouble Roll Eyes ), you can put it on your business card, or almost anywhere else you please. The one “no-no” is unsolicited E-mail messages. It’s fine to send e-mail to your friends, but sending it to random people you don’t know is considered spam and can quickly get you in trouble with the law and this site if we receive proof of it. Other than that, feel free to come up with any innovative way you please to advertise your personal referral URL. And if it works out good for you, be sure to share your tactics in our referral forum!

I hope this gives everyone a better idea about how this wonderful system works. Good Luck and happy referring!

Don Cashola

Thank you, Don, for that quote from your support forum. There is no way I could have explained that any better!

So folks, it is simple to make some extra money online – or make a LOT of money online.

  • Join GangsterGreed
  • Complete offers
  • Refer your friends and promote your team
  • Cash Out
  • It’s real… it is legit….

    I’m lovin’ it!

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