Squid-diddly! It’s Payday at Squidoo!

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When it comes to making money online, it is so exciting to get paid – for doing nothing. I’m very passionate about my online business and I work on it every day. Lots and lots of hours have gone into doing, learning, reading, re-learning, re-reading…and then, of course, re-doing! I have been dedicated to learning how to earn money from this computer of mine for the least amount of over-head as possible to not only improve the finances in my life, but to also pass that knowledge along to help others.

Knowledge is useless unless it is shared.

Besides, we’re all friends, right? If you won the lottery, you’d send me a cut of your millions, right? (ha-ha!)

I adore Squidoo. I am so thankful to that site for giving me, and EVERYONE, a free platform to raise their voice and be heard online. Today is one of those days I adore that squiddly website even more.

My best performing lens, Lens Exposure, has now enjoyed 5 days or so on the Top 100 over-all list. Today it sits at #87 (and has gotten as high as #73). This was the first lens I made after reading Squidoo BluePrint back in May. Squidoo certainly changed for me once I had an good concept of how it all works.

As I checked my stats on Squidoo today, I noticed the pretty little blue screen that pops up on special days…. days also known as PAYDAY!

Squidoo shares it’s advertising revenue with it’s lensmasters (page authors). There is a one month “delay” in payouts, meaning what I earn now, in August, will be paid the first part of October. Todays payment is for my Squidoo earnings for June.

As you can see from the right sidebar, I got paid last month in July for my May earnings on Squidoo. May was the first month I got serious about Squidoo and as you can see, I made a little over $30 in co-op advertising revenue. About $10 of that was from some sales off co-op affiliate modules, but the rest was from plain ol’ page-view advertising revenue.

This payment I will receive for June is about $5 in co-op affiliate income, and the rest is simple co-op payout. In a nutshell, that basically means that I am being paid just because I participate within the Squidoo community and make quality lenses.

In June, I had about 30 lenses with some of those being created towards the end of that month.

Guess how much my payment is? If you guess hundreds of dollars, you are so wrong…haha!

BUT – my payment is almost DOUBLE what I made for May!!!!

Yes, I am doing the “happy squid-diddly dance”!!

This is FREE money! This is passive, residual income from work I did one time, but continues to pay me. At this rate, now that I have even more lenses, this will also be recurring residual income.

Ladies and gentlemen – I am LOVING that!

You can do this, too. Heck, you can far out-do what I’ve done – but you have to start.

Read my four-part series on How to START making money online – Step by step. Sign up for the programs, use all four methods I offered to promote – and learn NOW. Once you know how, you can rinse and repeat – rinse and repeat – rinse and repeat – until you have more money than you know what to do with 🙂

Learn HOW and learn NOW.

Have a great day!

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