Holy WOW, Squidoo! Thank You!

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Newsflash: Squidoo Pays PotPieGirls Business Bills

Squidoo lensmasters just received their payments for August earnings. Holy Big Numbers, Batman!!! I read on the Squidblog where we were going to get a bonus, but WOW, I had no idea it would be THIS good! Did you get your payment from Squidoo? Are you as tickled as I am?

Not sure how many of you read the Squid Blog post about this months bonus payments, but I really had no idea they were talking money like this! Seems they had been miscalculating things one way in our favor….and another way in their favor…so in the the good-hearted spirit that Squidoo is based on, they just gave us all extra to be extra-completely-totally sure we’re all square.

This Squidoo bonus seems to be based off number of lenses and how long you’ve been participating within the Squidoo community. Regardless of who or why, I am thrilled.

Squidoo already pays my monthly business bills (and then some), but THIS payment…. we’ll let’s just put it this way – I’m going SHOPPING!

Talk about stimulating the economy!

For those of you that come into this whole internet marketing thing like I did (BROKE), being able to have access to powerful and FREE websites to get some income rolling is is PRICELESS. What’s even better is that not only does Squidoo give you a place to have a voice and an online presence, but… THEY PAY YOU TO BE THERE!

That is how THIS broke marketer got it all going her way. I followed my own One Week Marketing plan…. got me some good Squidoo campaigns going and started having some money coming in. Then, Squidoo started paying me each month, so I felt ready to get an auto-responder so I could start building lists. Slowly, I could then afford domain names and hosting accounts for my niche sites and some other cool tools that made my online business efforts not only more profitable…but easier on ME.

And now, like clock-work, Squidoo sends me more than enough to cover my monthly business expenses.

It’s a beautiful relationship 🙂

Making money online is not some magical overnight thing – especially if you really don’t have any spare money to invest. So, you need a plan and a strategic course of action to grow your business. One Week Marketing is the plan I took and by golly, its worked like a charm for me!

In fact… know what? I’m not gonna go shopping. I have an idea. I like to ‘pay back’ for all my blessings by helping others move forward.

If you are currently a One Week Marketing Action Plan owner… expect an email from me shortly.

To Squidoo: THANK YOU!!!

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