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Finding keywords that combine commercial intent with products that people are REALLY buying online is that ‘sweet spot’ for affiliate marketers.

Keyword search volume is fun and all, but not nearly as fun as hitting the sweet spot between traffic volume – and traffic that actually buys things.

Learning to find those profitable ‘buyer keywords’ is an important skill to learn and refine – but so is the ability to find and promote products that people really buy online.

Today I have a quick video lesson showing one way I use an awesome shopping comparison site as an amazing resource for finding hot profitable products and then the keywords for my web pages.

I was reading this post today over at that talked about a shopping comparison site.  It’s a CRAZY popular site….and all the site “content” consists of is a “Pinterest” style list of pictures of products with their prices and then the site’s affiliate link to that product on the merchant site (and Google hates affiliate sites, huh?  right.  That site kinda blows the whole “unique quality CONTENT theory right out of the water…but that’s a rant for another day).

So I read the post, popped over to the site they talked about, popped their site into my tool and saw ALLLLLL the phrases they rank awesome for (and then, yes, I had my own little rant in my head about how Google clearly rewards this site that is nothing more than lists/pictures/prices with affiliate links…but don’t get me started on that…lol!) – and then took a deep look around the site.

I buy things online…a lot, actually… and price comparison tools interest me as a consumer – BUT, these sites also are a great resource for us as affiliate marketers (especially Amazon affiliates).

Let me show you how I use this comparison site as a resource to find really great, profitable product keywords that I use for my Reverse Attack Marketing campaigns.

Feel free to tweak this method to however suits your online marketing efforts best for you.

Here are the links to things I mentioned in this video:

Commercial Intent Keywords Info

Category page on the comparison site

Hot searches page on the comparison site

The super fast keyword tool I used

Forum search tool

Moz Bar Firefox and Chrome plug-in

Reverse Attack Marketing

Also to mention – if you’re struggling with writing product reviews that convert and that are truly a helpful resource for those in the late stages of the buying cycle, this is an awesome resource for learning the easy way to write product reviews that convert.  Highly recommended!




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