Let’s Talk About Backlinks (Video Post)

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The topic of backlinks has been on my mind and apparently on the minds of many of my readers as well.  I rarely go a day without getting at least one email asking me about backlink building, if backlinks are “dead”, what kind of backlinks are safe – which work, which will get your site penalized, etc etc ETC.  So, let’s talk about backlinks here in the age of Pandas and Penguins.

Once upon a time the quantity of backlinks you had made a big difference as to where you ranked in Google for your target keyword.  These days, many claim that now it is the quality of your backlinks that makes the difference.

Me?  Well, I think we are somewhere in the middle.

The days of tons of backlinks however you could get ’em are over – but I don’t think we’ve reached the day where it’s really only about the quality of your backlinks either.

Many in the SEO industry have gone into great discussions as to whether links are losing value – and if backlinks are “neutralized”, what Google would/could use in instead of backlinks as a ranking signal.

Heck, Google has even admitted that they have tested the search results WITHOUT backlinks counting – and they said it was really, really bad.

Bottom line is – backlinks DO still matter – a lot.

I’d like to share my thoughts on building backlinks here in 2014….how I’m doing it…what links I think are good – and which I think are bad.

This is the backlink training I talked about in the video(note: I’m not nuts at all about the info page for the training, but the training itself is really good)

If you’re interested in my R.A.M. method, you can find that here.

So what do YOU think? Have your backlink building techniques changed? Still doing things the same?

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