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And a Happy 4th of July…

Pretty sure that most of us Squidoo users have noticed a bunch of new advertising on the site lately.  Seems the most annoying ad to most lensmasters is the big banner ad at the top of our lenses. Good news is that Squidoo is just testing these ads to see how they do.  Bad news is, some lensmasters just can’t stand them.  If you are one of the Squidoo lensmasters that wants to to get some ads OFF your lens, keep reading and follow my step-by-step directions (with pictures).

What’s With The New Advertising On Squidoo?

Recently, Squidoo HQ  announced that they are trying different advertising formats and ad sources to increase revenue on the site.  This experimentation is only supposed to last a few weeks.  We’ve always had AdSense on our lenses, and now there are “GlamAds” (the image ads currently at the top and in the side bar of your lens) and InfoLink ads (text ads on a lens in green text).

There is not a way to remove the Google AdSense ads from your site, but there is a way to opt out from the InfoLink ads and some of the GlamAds and not have them show on your lens.

BUT – you have to donate your lens earnings to charity in order to do it.

Now, these are the earnings that Squidoo would normally pay you each month (not any other revenue you earn from your own affiliate links), so for many, many lenses, we’re not talking a lot of money per lens.  And, you can opt to remove these ads on a lens-by-lens basis (as opposed to making this decision for ALL your lenses).

I figured I would try and see how all this works.  Besides, donating more to charity sure can’t hurt my karma rating, now can it?  =)

Removing Ads From a Squidoo Lens

First off, let’s make sure we are clear on what happens here….  When you opt to do this, your lens earnings go to the charity of your choice.  Also, you cannot remove ALL the ads from your lens.  Right now it seems to remove the big banner ad at the top and ONE of the GlamAds in the sidebar – not ALL ads.

So, in essence that means you are opting for LESS outside advertising on your lens – not removing it completely.

Steps To Reduce Ads On Your Lens

First, open your lens to edit it.

Now,Scroll down the right-hand sidebar down towards the bottom.  Click “Royalty Settings” and then choose which charity you want your lens earnings to go to.

Now, click “apply”.

Next, scroll up a little to the “Lens Setting” tab and open that.

I chose to keep my lens “maxed” (note: there is no “min” setting anymore.  By keeping your lens set to “max” you will still be able to choose from the cool themes Squidoo recently set up for lens masters to use.)

I then chose and clicked to opt out of the Info Link text link ads (I’ve never been a fan of that type of contextual advertising personally, but that’s just me).

Then, I clicked to opt out of the display banner ads (GlamAds).

Then, I clicked apply… saved my lens and then re-published it.

Now, when I chose to opt out of the banner ads, it made it sound as if ALL banner ads would be gone.  Reality is that two were removed (the top one and one in the side bar) but one rectangle GlamAd in the sidebar still remained.

I recently changed the settings on one of my lenses – you can visit my Low Cost Web Hosting lens and see how it looks.

All in all, pretty easy and painless…More focus on my lens content and I do like the thought of giving more to charity – so it’s a win/win in my book.

Give it a try and see if you like it better.  This is totally a personal choice  =)

Happy 4th of July!

To all my US friends, I wish you each a very happy Independence Day!  Let the cook-outs and fireworks begin!

My husband and I spent all day yesterday at Turner Field in Atlanta.  My hubby is a market/division manager with a retail company here in the Atlanta area. He and his co-workers were invited to participate on field for the the pre-game 4th of July show…and my goodness, what a show it was!

They were in charge of unveiling and holding a HUGE US flag that was shaped like the continental United States.  I’m tellin ya, it was HUGE…It took over 150 employees from my hubby’s market to hold it up!

I don’t know how well you can see it, but I took this picture with my cell phone.  Unfortunately, the United Stated is upside-down because I was at the top of the Chop Shop to get good pictures (and to wave like a goober at my hubby when he walked on field because he could see me there….lol).

My hubby was helping to hold Southern California – can you see him?  hahahaha!

They held the flag during the National Anthem and it was truly a site to see.  I do believe ol’ PotPieDude got some TV exposure, too!

All in all, it was a great day.  We had to be there by 1 pm (the game didn’t start until 7:15 pm) so they could practice walking out with the flag, unveiling it, and getting it set right on the field.

While they were practicing, I was sitting in the empty stadium watching, and Braves pitcher Derrick Lowe came in the bleachers off the field right next to me!  You see, HE saw ME sitting there and thought, “Oh my!  That is PotPieGirl!” and couldn’t wait to meet me and get my autograph.

Ok, that is a total lie.  Well, the part about Derrick getting into the bleachers right next to me is true, but he was just coming in the bleachers to run the stadium to warm up (tho he didn’t play.  I don’t get that.. run when you don’t HAVE to?  lol!)

I did get to say hi and he responded, but I’ll be totally honest and say I had no clue who he was.  My hubby told me later because he saw Derrick get in the bleachers right near me and HE thought Derrick was coming to talk to me, too…lol!

I also got to spend some time watching the pitchers warm up while the stadium was still empty.  Here is a picture of what I watched – the man in the chair in none other than Bobby Cox, the coach of the Atlanta Braves.  To me, he is amazing.  Players for the Braves come and go, but Bobby, well he IS the Braves to me.

I’m pretty sure the pitcher in there is Tim Hudson – but don’t quote me on that.

I know the picture isn’t the greatest, but like I said, it was with my cell phone – but that totally IS Bobby Cox sitting in that chair!

He looked up and saw me and said, “WOW!  There’s PotPieGirl!  Someone get her autograph!”

Ok, that’s another lie… but he DID look up at me (probably because I was the only one standing there watching…hahaha!)

It was a great game, too.  Atlanta played the Philidelphia Phillies.  Atlanta ended up winning 5-2 for the first home sweep of the Phillies in  four years (that’s a link to a recap of the game since sports reporting is totally not my thing).  It came down to the 8th inning before the Braves took over the scoreboard – then a few quick outs in the 9th clinched the game.

There was lots of cheering and “tomahawk-chopping” going on!  Gotta love it when the home team wins!

Here is a picture of me and my hubby that I took.

My “self-portrait” skills leave a lot to be desired.  Somehow, my hubby managed to squeeze in the picture.  If he didn’t duck a little, I woulda chopped his head off!

I took this just as the game was ending and right before the awesome fireworks they had at Turner Field last night. Please keep in mind that I said we had both been there since 1pm – and by end of game, it was every bit of 10 pm…and it was a very HOT day!  So its totally NOT the best photo of either of us…but we had a great time and that’s all that matters.

Anyway… just a little glimpse into my little world.  Maybe it’ll shed some light on things we do when I’m NOT online (which isn’t very often).  I’m super glad my hubby invited me to tag along.  We always have a great time together and it was an experience I won’t ever forget.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!  And please, let’s not forget all our troops that aren’t home to celebrate with us.  We get to celebrate BECAUSE of them and all those that have served before them.

Be Safe!

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