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Three Success Factors To Think About –

One of the toughest things for me personally when it comes to teaching others how to make money online is when I hear someone say, “I’ve spent SO much money – nothing works! I quit!”   To me, quitting is just not an option. If one thing doesn’t work – try another. The internet is FULL of possibilities – and many, many ways to get there.  Above all, nowhere does it say that you have to spend a lot of money to MAKE money online, either. Today, I have a great guest post that talks about three very important internet marketing success factors.

Welcome, Jackie Lee

Jackie is not only a dear friend who runs her own successful internet marketing blog, but she is also the co-brain behind the One Week Marketing Coaching Center. She and Andrea run a truly wonderful resource for OWM’rs!

Jackie knows her stuff when it comes to internet marketing so I am delighted to have her back here at for another guest post to share some of her own experience, wisdom, and inspiration with us.

Welcome Jackie!

Internet Marketing Success Factors

When people start out in internet marketing it can be so easy to get confused, to get on the “guru” lists thinking they are going to give you information about how to make money online. Some people figure it out quicker than others and some never figure it out at all. The Guru lists are just to get you to keep buying products!!

Once you’ve bought a ton of products, spent a lot of money ~ you probably couldn’t afford, and you’re STILL not making any money online one of two things usually happens.

1. You quit.

2. You decide to create an internet marketing strategy that works.

If you’ve gotten to the point of possibility #2 this post is for you.

This post is a compilation of great posts from around the net. People I read and admire and people you can learn from. These posts will help you create not only a strategy to make money online, but a mindset to keep with it when things get tough. This mindset piece is the one people are most likely to blow off, but it’s the piece that will keep you going when things get tough. And things probably will get tough at some point. You will be faced with the desire to just throw in the towel and say forget it. It is the mindset and belief in yourself that will keep you in the game long enough to see success.

So let’s get right to it:

Success Factor #1:

Attitude ~ do you have a plan for your internet marketing career and will you be strong enough to follow it through?

* Here Craig Perrine talks about his own journey with both weight loss as well as making money online. For anyone who has ever tried to lose a few pounds the similarities between weight loss and internet marketing will be astounding.

* In this post Josh Spaulding talks about the success factor he finally found. Confidence. If someone as successful as Josh Spaulding is facing this kind of stuff there is something for everyone to learn there.

* I found this blog only recently, but I include it because Ian has hit the nail right on the head with this post. This one simple thing he talks about this is something that is completely within YOUR control and can change the level of your success in internet marketing exponentially.

Success Factor #2:

Getting started ~ Figuring out how to get started and within the budget you have available can be a really tough thing to do. But it can be done. Find a mentor ~ someone who you know, like and trust and follow them. Not only follow their blog, but follow their actions. Do what they do, follow their example. These posts will help you figure out how to get started.

* If you need to kick off your business for free there is no one better, hands down, that PotPieGirl to help you do it. She started with no money and has created an over 10K a month empire. It all started using a free little site called Squidoo. Here’s a great post on Squidoo resources.

* Nicole Dean is a successful Internet marketer, as well as the affiliate manager for Jimmy Brown. She is a fantastic mentor and provides amazing podcasts from her blog. This podcast is with Danielle Miller. They talk about how to get focused in your business. It is well worth a listen.

* A huge issue for some people when they are beginning is finding a “niche” or something they want to build their business on. There are many different types of business you can do. You can create a business based on multiple niche sites, or you can create one big authority site. Either way you are going to need an idea, and content. This post shows you how to use plr to not only find content but niche ideas as well.

Success Factor #3:

Getting Traffic ~ Traffic is the life blood of any internet marketer, whether you are recommending affiliate products or your own. If you can a get eyes on your page you can overcome a lot of other areas you might not be as strong in. However, if you have no traffic, you have no business, it’s a simple as that.

There are a million ways to get traffic, and you will learn about some of my favorite ways and some ways my favorite internet marketers are getting traffic to their sites in the following posts.

* In this post by Jimmy D. Brown you will find out how to create ezine articles that will have people not only reading your articles, and publishing them, but also clicking through and buying what you are offering.

* This post is at the MaxBlogPress blog. This is a fine example of how it REALLY works in the real world. I grabbed some of their free plugins, which are awesome by the way, and from there I joined thier list, and now I look forward to all their emails. I found this post from an email they sent me, and as always the content was fantastic. They offer a free report on this post. It’s an interview with professional bloggers talking about how they get traffic. I’ve read a ton of these so called interviews, but I actually learned a TON from the sample they are offering for free. I also watched my email and as soon as the product went live I bought it.

You see how that worked? Besides perfectly? 1. They offered me something of great quality for free. 2. I joined their list becuase of the value offered. 3. They offered me more quality information via email. 4. They offered me an awesome free sample of an upcoming product. 5. I watched for the email to go buy the product and I did the day it launched.

That is a sales system that works!!

Ok, that’s not what this whole post is about, but do grab the free report on how the pros get traffic, it’s chock full of ideas.

* This next one is one of my posts. I get so many questions about Twitter and if it really works, and whether it’s worth the time. I have to say it took me a while to get involved in social networking sites like Twitter, but I have to say I LOVE twitter now. I had to figure out exactly the best way to use twitter, to provide value to my followers and build trust. It also allows me to build a brand for myself, build on the know, like and trust factors, and now when I put out an affiliate link I have a lot of instant traffic.

Here’s the 7 questions beginners need to know the answers to, to make Twitter work for them.

* Viral marketing with video is one of the fastest and biggest ways to drive traffic to your site. This post outlines a fantastic plan of action to create a viral video campaign.

When you are looking at starting your internet marketing business remember that it IS a business. It is something that will take time to learn and grow.

These 10 posts on the 3 success factors of internet marketing will hopefully help you get started on the right foot. They should also help you find some positive people in the industry that you can learn and grow with.

Thank You, Jackie!

Those are some great tips AND some really helpful bloggers to read and learn from!  Be sure to stop by Jackie’s internet marketing strategies blog, or visit her and Andrea at the One Week Marketing Coaching Center.

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