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Since I’ve introduced Redgage to my readers here at, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the site and seeing how things work.  Naturally, the biggest question is “How do you make money by using RedGage?”.  I came across a great video that shows how it works and how to easily link to your online content (lens, blog, article, etc etc) and make a little green for it.  No, nothing to quit your day job over, but I am always cool with free money!

RedGage – How It Works

I know people would probably prefer I continue posting about the recent Squidoo policy changes, but honestly, I’m about tired of it already….lol.  I’ve spent all day moving content and creating directions and screen shots ready to put into a guide for my One Week Marketers (announcement coming via email soon) so my eyes are about glazed over and I am also sick of thinking about it….lol!

So, let’s go back to talking about RedGage.

I’m enjoying RedGage a lot.  Yes, its a new site, and yes, it has it quirks, too.  Like all new sites, RedGage will be going thru their own growing pains as they adjust to their increased activity.

Above all that, from my perspective I am quite happy to create an easy link to my lenses and/or blog posts, get some more exposure for that content, AND make a little money by simply linking to it via RedGage.

I’ve been a member of RedGage for two weeks.  I have 9 content links on the site (yes, that’s all) and I have already made $36.09.

I am WAYYYYY ok for linking to NINE of my web pages and making over $35 to do it… Works for me!  It’s not like it took a ton of effort or anything…lol

Now, while I made that amount in 2 weeks, I have no clue how much anyone else will make so please don’t base my earnings on your potential (or your max).  The sky is the limit and you certainly won’t know how much you can make unless you try RedGage for yourself.

A lot of my RedGage submissions made bonuses – and that is super nice.  It is nice that an online bookmarking site gives you a little monetary “pat on the back” for appreciated content  =)  So, no, all my earnings did not come just from page views of my links on the site.

I don’t think I’m special, tho – I’ve seen lots of RedGage submissions making some NICE bonuses!

For example, today I was looking and there was a new RedGage video that made a nice bonus of $14.45 (so far).  Best part is, it’s a GREAT video that talks about how to upload your links to RedGage and make money.

The page he is linking to in his example was a very pleasant surprise for me, too!

How To Make Money On – The Video

Now, as I said before, don’t go quitting your day job over the Redgage earnings – but let’s be real here… We need to bookmark our stuff anyway for backlinks and exposure….why not get paid for it?

If you’d like to join Redgage, too, just click here (yes, that is my referral link, but as far as I know, there is no monetary gain for me.  All it does is automatically make you and I friends).

A big thanks to michaelb for the video (AND for his choice in promotions….lol)!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho… It’s back to work I go…

Have a great day!

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