How to Start Making Money Online – Part 3

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Paid online surveys are a legitimate way to make money online. I think so many people ignore these Get Paid To (also known as GPT) sites because they think it is a scam. These sites are NOT scams. This is real money that will be paid to you.

Today I am going to talk about completing offers to help your direct earnings, and then a next post that will talk about building your referrals and increasing your indirect earnings.

I hope you have already taken the initiative and took the first step to sign up for:




I picked these two specific GPT sites after looking at MANY due to a few factors:

1 – Using these two Get Paid To sites together will give you the opportunity to have one larger check coming each month, and the other site offers the opportunity to get cash straight to your Paypal account whenever you want it (and you’ve earned $10 or more). In a nutshell, one site is a type of “forced savings”, and the other is “instant gratification”. They suit both my needs..haha!

2 – These two GPT programs both have excellent customer support and are user friendly

3 – These two GPT programs have the best referral programs offering the opportunity for more income and the chance to earn money when YOU are not actively doing work on these sites. I talked about the referral programs and earnings examples here.

In this post I want to talk about completing your offers. How it works and some Get Paid To tips and advice.

This is from the Cashcrate site:

Completing Cash Offers

Cash offers are the heart of CashCrate. Follow the steps below to start making money.

1. Click on “Complete Offers” in the Member’s navigation bar.
2. Click on the “Cash Offers” tab in the offers box.
3. Decide which offers you want to show and how you want to sort them. To start off with, we recommend you show the ‘100% Free’ offers and sort by ‘Rating’. These offers are completely free to complete and the easiest offers come up on the top of the stack. Now click ‘Go!’.
4. Choose an offer from the table that appears. Note the description (which tells you how to complete the offer), then click on the offer name.
5. The offer will open in a new window. Complete the offer using truthful information. After you’re finished, closed the window.
6. You’re done! The only thing left to do is submit the offer to us so we can credit you. Go back to the offer table and click the ‘Submit’ button to the right of the offer you just completed. The offer will be added to your Pending list and removed from the offers table.
7. Once we confirm the offer (usually within a couple hours), the money will be moved to your monthly earnings and the offer will be put in your Completed offers table.
8. Rinse and Repeat!

Yes, that’s all there is to it on any GPT site.

I want to draw attention to #4. Make sure to read exactly what it is you need to do when completing an offer. This is found right next to the offer itself. If the offer says “enter zip code and click submit”, then that is ALL you need to do – even if the survey goes further.

GPT Advice:

  • DON’T use your regular, everyday email address
  • Completing offers can cause a LOT of email to be sent to you. Instead get a free email account with gmail. Make sure you check this email because there are some offers that you will have to verify your email before you can get credit.

  • BEWARE of the “just enter your cellphone number” offers
  • As with anything, always read the fine print. I have found that while these cell phone numbers pay well, many will also start a monthly charge to your cell phone bill. Yes, you can cancel it quite easily – just read and be sure of what you’re doing.

  • Do all the 100% free offers.
  • The free offers are plenty enough to make good money each month. Only do the trial or paid offers if it is something you are genuinely interested in. Remember what I said – “Don’t PAY money to MAKE money”

  • Leave the window for a completed offer open for a few minutes
  • Many of these offers and surveys can be completed very quickly. I have noticed that the ones I “breeze” through don’t credit as well at times. Since I have left the window open on a completed offer for a bit longer than my usual “enter, enter, click, click, close”, I have noticed a higher credit rate for my completed offers.

  • Clear your cookies after completing offers
  • Not a bad idea at all to clean your browser cache and cookies out after a session of completing offers. I have read that this helps offers credit – however, I have also read that it makes no difference. Either way, it is still better for your computer to clean out that stuff now and then.

  • “Skip This” whenever possible
  • Some surveys present you with a bunch of “custom offers just for you. Look around the page – If there is a “No, thank you” or a “Skip this Page” option – USE IT.

  • Forums
  • Both sites have great forums – use them. There is a ton of info and useful advice in there to help your business take off.

    This is easy “work” – something great to do while watching TV or when you get a few minutes of free time. The best way to work all this is to spend half of your available time doing offers, and the other half of your available time referring others to your business.

    Ok, now get to it!

    Sign up for Gangstergreed and Cashcrate – and watch the money start adding up!

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