How to start making money online – Part 4

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When people ask how to start making money online, the common answer I see is – find a product and promote it. That’s not really an answer, is it? People want to know HOW to start making money online – from the git-go… Starting at the top.

That is exactly what I am doing for you in these How to start making money online series of posts. We’re starting from scratch..from the git-go…. starting at the top and starting with “HOW” to start making money online.

In part one of How to start making money online, we found a product for you to promote. We got you signed up for cashcrate and gangstergreed. These two legitimate paid online survey sites are the best of the best when it comes to get paid to sites (GPTs). One site offers a larger monthly check, and the other site is “instant gratification”, meaning you can cash out whenever you want as long as you have made $10 or more.

In part two of How to start making money online, we talked about the referral programs… how they worked, the income potential, etc. and helped you learn your product a bit better. These referral programs are truly the “magic” of online paid survey sites.

In part three of How to start making money online, we talked about how to do the surveys that these GPT sites offer. I also set you up with a time table of using one-half of your available time doing surveys, and the other half of your available time referring others to your team.

Now,in part four, we are going to talk about ways to promote your Get Paid To referral links and build a team. You already have your two products. You also already know how to use GPT sites and you are able to teach others how to use them. Now it is time to spread the word and get others to team up with you.

With each GPT site, you will have something called a “Referral link”. On cashcrate, click “referral center” and scroll down. On Gangstergreed, click “stats” and scroll down. Mine, for cashcrate, looks like this:

If someone enters that exact address/code into their browser, they can sign up under my team.

You can turn that referral link into words that look like this:

To sign up for cashcrate, click here

When you click that link, it takes someone to Cashcrate thru my referral link.

Here’s what the code looks like to make those words become a link:

<a href=”″>To sign up for cashcrate, click here</a>

You would simply add YOUR referral link after the href= part, and then put whatever words you want to be shown where I typed “To sign up for Cashcrate, click here”

Easy enough, right? Right! (If it’s still “fuzzy”, just ask. Trust me, it took me forever to get that!)

Now, what can you do with that referral link?

LOTS of things. There are many free ways to get your referral link out there for the world to see (and click!)

Here are some ideas on how to promote your GPT referral links:

  • Do you participate in forums?
  • Many forums will allow you to have a “signature line” underneath each post. Check the terms of service first, but this is a great way to get your link noticed while you are doing your normal routine.

    Be respectful in any forum you join and don’t just jump in blasting your promotion to everyone. Participate within the forum community and contribute.

  • Do you email?
  • You can add a signature line to your outgoing emails, too. A simple ” I make money online, Click here to find out how” can go a long way.

    A note about email: You may NOT blindly email people to solicit your product. This is called SPAM and it can get you in a lot of trouble

  • Do you blog?
  • If so, get your links added to your blog.

    Don’t blog? Well it’s time to start. You can set up a blog like this for free – and with very limited knowledge of computer programming. Want more info and a great free book to read about blogging? Go to : Blogging Advice

  • Do you Squidoo?
  • Squidoo is AWESOME. I am flat-out impressed with this powerful, and FREE, site. Making a lens (a page) on Squidoo is a wonderful way to spread the word about your passions, interests, or business. Squidoo is fairly easy to learn, and if you take the time to research, you can find out all you need for free. If you want to decrease your learning curve and save valuable time, try: Squidoo Profit Sytem

    Don’t know what Squidoo is? Go here: What is Squidoo. That page you see there is a Squidoo Lens (page) and you can make as many of them as you want! It’s not too hard at all, and with the right direction, you can be making these pages like crazy! And here’s a “fun fact” – Squidoo PAYS you to do it! Yes, Squidoo shares its advertising revenue with its “lensmasters”. Its not thousands of dollars, but it’s a nice bit of extra money coming in each month!

    My recommendation is to use ALL of these four things above. Get you referral link in your email signature and your forum signatures. Set up a blog and a Squidoo lens and talk about Cashcrate and Gangstergreed with your referral links.

    If you take advantage of all four of these free promotional opportunities, not only will you be well on your way to doing well with these GPT sites, but you will also know how to promote any product for free — and make money online.

    Guess what YOU just learned?

    YES! You just learned EXACTLY how to start making money online!


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    As a bonus – How to generate massive passive income from GPT sites.

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