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The best way to meet PotPieGirl is on the golf course! My hubby and I met while I was running a local golf course. My husband and I are both big golfers. These pictures were taken in Myrtle Beach while we were playing in a WONDERFUL three-day couples golf tournament.

Yes, this is me – in action

And this is me and the hubby…

We have 4 children ranging from 3 to 19. Needless to say, with kids that age range, life is a chaotic blessing!

We live outside Atlanta, Georgia. For the college football fans, we are about 15 minutes outside the home of the Georgia Bulldogs – Athens, Georgia. However, no ‘Dawg fans in this house. Hubby is a die-hard Tide fan. I really think his blood is crimson! haha!

I started looking in to internet marketing earlier this year and I am SO glad I did. I truly believe that the internet has leveled the playing field and now offers anyone the opportunity to have their own home-based business. Not only does having a home-based business offer an additional (or better) income stream, it also allows us to take advantage of valuable tax breaks.

My first “paradigm shift” regarding the internet was when I was exposed to a “little” start up company called Agloco. While reading about this company I realized that anytime anyone did anything online, someone was making money off of it.

That concept stopped me cold and all my initial thoughts and perceptions about the internet as a casual surfer were changed…forever.

If someone was making money online from MY time on the internet, why shouldn’t it be ME?

Agloco offers users a little “viewbar” that is as small as the task bar at the bottom of your computer screen. Random ads are displayed while you are busy doing other things online, and members get credit for their time surfing with the viewbar running. If you’re gonna spend time online, why not get paid for it, right?

After that perception change, I was off and running to learn all that I could and figure out how the average “Joe” and “Jane” – everyday people – could change their life with something we all have right in front of us… our computer.

It can be done…and no one has to pay a dime to do it.

I appreciate you taking the time to “meet” me. Please feel free to comment, or ask any questions you have. The things I do, and the things I’ve learned are only valuable if I use them to help someone else.

~Jennifer (PotPieGirl)

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