How to Start Making Money Online – Step 2

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Hopefully, you have already read How to Make Money Online Step by Step. If not, here is a quick review of the steps we have already covered that can get anyone started making money online.

Signup for:


That is a “get paid to” site that pay anyone to complete small surveys, enter their email address, or enter their zip code. These Get Paid To sites (GPTs) are free. Always remember that when it comes to GPT sites, you should never have to pay money to make money.

These sites are very easy to use. I imagine you’ve had a chance to look around these GPT sites after you registered. Maybe you already started taking surveys – GREAT!

Now I want to share with you the “magic” of these GPT sites that will really get you rocking and starting to make money online.

If you could work 10 hours a day on these sites, you’d probably make a good bit of money, don’t you think?


What if you had 10 people AND yourself only working TWO hours a day? Thats 11 people at two hours each meaning that is 22 hours a day of effort on these GPT sites.

Thats a lot better than your ten hours by yourself, isn’t it? It is certainly much less work for you.

These GPT – Get Paid To – sites offer what is called a referral program.

What these referral programs do is give you MORE opportunities for money.

Ways you can make money online through a GPT referral program:

1 – You get paid for your direct effort working on the GPT site.

2 – You get paid a percentage for the efforts of those that you refer (tell about).

3 – You get paid a percentage of the efforts of your referrals referrals. (got that?)

Now then, let’s do some math.

If you start a GPT referral team and you only get 10 people to sign up under you. You, and each of your referrals, earn $50 that month on Cashcrate. That’s not much, but I want to keep it on the low side.

According to Cashcrates referral program, you make 20% of what your first level referrals (the ones that signed up directly through your link)

Ok, in this example, You made $50.

You have 10 referrals who each made $50 = $500
You would make 20% of that = $100

Your $50 now turned into $150

Not bad, huh?

Now wait a minute…what if each of your referrals referred 10 people each?

you would make $50 for you
you would make $100 for your direct referrals

And if your 10 referrals referred 10 people each who all made $50 a piece, that is $5000 and you get 10% of THAT revenue which equals $500.

NOW let’s see what you make:

$50 for you
$100 for your 10 referrals
$500 for your referrals referrals =


You will get a check for $650 all because you spent a very minimal amount of time completing surveys and you referred 10 other people to do the same. I have to say that only making $50 a month is EASY.

Sign up for Cashcrate here.

Get at least 10 people to sign up thru your referral link..and everyone focus on making at least $50 a month.

Your referral links can be found by clicking “referral info”.

Cashcrate sends one big check every month.

Getting started making money online IS this easy. I have seen proof of $1300 a month checks (and more) from only referral earnings.

These sites can work for you even when YOU are not working them.

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