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I was first exposed to the whole Internet Marketing world at the end of February of this year. I started asking questions to a friend who already was involved with internet marketing and I guess I started asking too many questions. He pointed me to a popular online marketing forum and little Miss Curiosity was hooked. I read and read..and read more. I researched online…learned about affiliate marketing, HTML, php, article marketing, making websites, ftp….Squidoo….and so much more. It was like an intense college semester slammed into a 2 month period.

It wasn’t until May of this year that I really got started. I learned to put Squidoo together with article marketing -and also learned how to get paid for my articles with Associated Content – and money coming in got more regular. It was quite fun – but so much to learn. Seemed like each time I started to do something, there was yet another thing to learn.

When I first started, I only worked with free platforms to make money online, and I only promoted/affiliated with products that offered instant commission.

Why? To be perfectly blunt – I wanted money NOW, not in a month or two when the affiliate companies paid out.

While I did ok (about $900 in May and $1200 in June), I knew there was more to earn and knew I could earn it without overhead or paying to advertise.

I really wanted to promote Clickbank digital products. Clickbank has the largest inventory of digital products available and they pay every two weeks. BUT, you had to earn at least $100 for the first check to be cut, and that $100 had to consist of at least one visa payment and one mastercard payment. In this time of Paypal’s popularity, this could prove to be difficult.

At the very end of June, I decided to give Clickbank a try. It wasn’t the best effort, but it was enough for me to try it out.

Today I received my first Clickbank check in the mail. This check is for my first pay period with them (7/1/2007- 7/15/2007)


It ain’t millions…and it ain’t thousands… but I now know it CAN be done!!

I am so excited, and I hope that this inspires even ONE person to get involved with internet marketing.

I posted my July earnings in the sidebar to the left. Not too bad, but what really excites me is that in July I just started trying Clickbank and the GPT sites. I really feel that August will be so much better.

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