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WHY Do The Google Results Keep Changing??!?!

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re sitting there with your keyword list and searching Google for each phrase in quotes to get an idea of the competition.  You search a phrase, get the number of web pages from Google, jot it down and then move on.  Then, maybe later that day, or heck, even a few minutes later, you search Google again for the SAME KEYWORD PHRASE and get a totally DIFFERENT number of web pages from Google.  Why oh WHY does that happen?  Did you do your search wrong the first time?  Which number is accurate?  Let’s take a moment to talk about this…

Google and Search Results – What the Heck Is Happening?

We internet marketers spend a lot of time doing our keyword research and then going to Google to check the phrases in quotes to see the competing pages.  Yes, it takes a while, but keyword research is a big part of what we do so we either do it, or get someone to do it FOR us. Anyway, folks are typing their phrase in quotes in Google and getting a number showing the amount of other web pages Google has indexed that contain that exact phrase.  I don’t know if you’ve ever clicked search again for that same phrase search, but it is VERY likely that the next time you search, the number of web pages will change… and sometimes it changes DRASTICALLY.

What the heck is going on???

This situation has been a big topic of conversation lately both in the Wealthy Affiliate forum and in help desk ticket questions asked to me.  In fact, I recently highly recommended a keyword service to my readers that is just awesome and SUCH a time saver. 

Thing is tho, when folks opened their daily list of hot niche keywords, they would check Google and get different results than what was shown in their daily list. In fact, if they checked again a few minutes after the first check, they would get a new number AGAIN. It’s crazy, isn’t it? 

What in the world is happening?

I answered a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member in a thread that was started out of sheer frustration over this situation.  I pretty much told him that NOTHING about Google is static.  The Google index changes by the second….literally.

Think about it for a minute…

Right now, at this exact second, do you think there is someone in the world who is bookmarking a web page?  Maybe making a blog post like I am?  Perhaps publishing a Squidoo lens or syndicating an article?

Do you think, that right NOW there is someone in the world who just typed a link to another web page somewhere on the internet?  Perhaps someone somewhere is typing a public forum post?  Listing an auction on eBay?  Typing a review on

You betcha!

In fact, thousands and thousands of people all over the world are doing all of those things above every single second of every single day. What happens when these things happen?  The Google bots head out and find these new links and new content…and… the Google index changes.

When I stop for a moment and just think about the sheer volume of what Google is trying to index, I am AMAZED and in absolute awe.

Nothing about the Google index stays the same from one minute to the next.

So Which Google Result Is Right?

This is something I failed to mention in my forum post.  Thankfully, someone that I think the world of made a quick video for those that get the hot niche keyword lists that explains it perfectly. So, instead of me rambling on and on, I am just going to put that video right here for you to watch.

It just might be your daily “A-Ha!” moment.

So, did you say, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense!” too? If you’re interested you can click here to learn about the keyword lists he is talking about.

On Another Note:

I am so super excited about tomorrow night.  Those of you that are on my subscriber list know that tomorrow night (July 30th at 8pm EST), I will be a guest host on a live webinar with Ryan Moran and Matt Davis! I haven’t done anything live yet and their invitation to me thrills me to death! 

Webinars are something I’d like to add to my own online stuff, but I’m totally NOT a tech person so I’ve shied away from it up to this point.  Hopefully, this experience with Matt and Ryan will go well and I’ll be comfortable to start doing my own webinars.

Tomorrow night should be really cool, tho.  It will seriously be a 100% help session for anyone who has questions about making money online.  Two hours of YOUR questions and our combined answers. How cool is that!??!

The webinar is open to everyone and anyone….and it’s totally free.  If you’d like to join in – or even reserve your spot early – just go to and get signed up.  I’m hoping for a BIG crowd so we can all learn from each other.

The webinar is Thursday, July 30th at 8PM EST (New York/Atlanta time)  Hope to see you there!

I’m In The Mood To Celebrate!

This weekend also marks my one year anniversary of being a Wealthy Affiliate member.  Wow, time flies…feels like just yesterday I was sitting at oceans edge making the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate… and now it’s a YEAR later.

My personal anniversary with WA is very special to me and puts me in the mood to do something really cool for my subscribers.  I’ve been wracking my little pea brain to come up with something awesome that can really help some folks out….so keep an eye on your inbox for my anniversary celebration notice  😉

Ok, that’s it from me for today.  Thank you to Travis for that really helpful and insightful video! Hope to see everyone tomorrow night at the webinar!

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