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Finally! The last bit of information I needed from my online marketing efforts came available and I was able to update my earnings for the month of August. I did pretty well – in fact, I made $600 more than my July online earnings of $1609.08.

My Clickbank sales weren’t as good (but they will be WAY better for September!), but my adsense earnings were up a healthy amount.

The big thing that happened in August is that I have freelanced my services out to a online marketing group. I spend about 15-20 hours per week working for them. What do I do? THAT is the beauty of it! I do the same things for them as I do for myself – plus, I get to learn so much from their years of experience from internet marketing. It’s been really great and I have to admit, I am enjoying it tremendously.

However, my time spent on these other projects shows in my lower earnings from Associate Content. I just haven’t had the time to submit as many articles as I used to. However, I have 2 articles on AC that are really kicking butt with page views – and I LIKE that!

All in all, August was a good month. I know September earnings will be even better. I discovered a little thing called niche blogging – and honey, niche blogging is the where it’s at!

I have found some super little niche keywords and clickbank products to go with them. Using free Blogger blogs, I am making some good money. My Clickbank earnings so far for September are already more than all of August combined. Makes me laugh when I realize I spent a whopping $4.97 for a niche blogging system that was magic!

What really tickles me (that is a Southern expression, sorry), is that before mid-February of this year, I had no clue what Internet Marketing was, what anchor text was, what Clickbank was…heck, I didn’t even know a thing about keyword research. I knew NOTHING. (Ok, I did know how to send and receive email…you caught me. ha!) And today, I get to report to the world that I made over $2200 online last month.

It’s a damn good feeling.

Yes, I worked my butt off. Yes, I crammed every teeny tiny morsel of information into my brain til I thought I would explode….but it is really happening.

I’ve had some dis-believers say – “Sure you made $2200 online – but how much did it COST you to make that????”

I will list out my monthly expenses…ready?

I pay about $12 a month for a website…and $19.95 a month for an aweber auto responder account.

I need a website to sell my Squidoo Profit System and other ebooks – and there is no way I would make a single web page online without building a list. Aweber autoresponder is AWESOME, and I wouldn’t work online without it.

Whew – that was a long list, huh? Now, I also spend maybe $50 a month on other products to review or for my own education so I guess we can safely say I have about $100 a month in over-head.

Tell me one other way to earn a living that costs that little? Even a “real job” requires more than that in gas each month! Let alone clothes, lunches, etc.

Yup, it’s been hard work – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

You can view the breakdown of my August earnings over there —-> to the right in my blog sidebar.

Have a great day!

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