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I know the rules of blogging are to do focused posts and type about specific topics, etc, etc…. but there is one thing I love about rules – and that is breaking them!!

First off – Let’s talk Squidoo. Squidoo paid out, and boy oh boy is it CRYSTAL clear that the so-called “Squidoo Slap” was very, very real. It appears that while this “Squidoo Slap” didn’t effect me all too horribly, it sure must have hit the Squidoo site as a whole pretty dog-gone hard.

My Squidoo payment in August was $61.64 – which was quite good considering that was 54 lenses and just about all of that payment was from Squidoo adsense co-op revenue.

The payment I just received in September (for July Squidoo revenue) was for $35.81.


I wasn’t impressed. However, I imagine that some lensmasters on Squidoo took a much bigger hit than I did. Besides, its “free money” so my over-all opinion is… “Oh well”.

It WILL be better next month.

Speaking of Squidoo… I have a lens that is being featured on the Squidoo homepage! My home energy lens has been there for a few days and man, has traffic taken off for that lens! It was funny in a way, too. That lens hadn’t really done anything, then suddenly I noticed traffic to that lens was going thru the roof on my stats. I couldn’t figure it out! Then I just happened to really LOOK at the Squidoo homepage, and there I was! Cool beans! Thanks, Squidoo!

For all you Squidoo-doers out there, there is a cool new site for Squidoo lensmasters out on the web now. This is like a luxury version of your Squidoo dashboard. From this site, you can access your stats, update, lensroll, bookmark…and even ping with one little click. It is AWESOME (and FREE). Check out SquidUtils. SquidUtils also makes getting those amazon links/images on your lenses possible now that the iframe option is gone (for those that use their personal Amazon links). Definitely a must-see for Squidoo users.

Associated Content has also updated their page view bonus threshold. Content Producers used to have to hit $15 (10,000 page views) before a payment would be sent. This threshold has now been lowered to $1.50 (only 1,000 page views)! This is a great change and helpful opportunity for those with lower page view counts to get paid much more quickly. Thanks Associated Content!

Join Associated ContentI’ve got some articles on AC that are really taking off. It’s like a game to me to try and find those illusive little keywords that bring in major traffic. I found a little golden nugget of a keyword that brought in almost 6000 page views in less than 3 weeks….another article that has almost 20,000 page views, too! Considering I joined AC in late May, I am quite proud of my Clout Index of 7 – and very happy with the little revenue stream I now have coming in regularly.

Speaking of hidden “golden nugget” keywords – my love of the niche finding game is also showing in my Clickbank account, too. I’ve made some Niche Blogs last month and traffic (and SALES) are really picking up and showing some promising results.

Even my Adsense earnings from blogging have improved drastically! It’s amazing what can happen when you learn to do something the right way… ha!

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