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Many of you that have followed me here on for any length of time know that I seriously detest Clickbank account screen shots. I can’t remember ANY job I’ve had where in order to do better, I had to flash my bank account statement…lol! However, life here in the online marketing world is different. In order for folks to trust you, follow you, and yes, buy from you – one needs to show proof that she IS making money with Clickbank and other online sources. So, let’s take a look inside my Clickbank account today.

What Is It About Earnings Screen Shots?

As I’ve been working on my One Week Marketing Action Plan, I’ve had to seriously reconsider my stance on showing the inside of my affiliate and earnings accounts. Yes, I still think it is flashy and hypey… but will anyone buy from me if I can’t visually prove that what I am teaching DOES make money?

There is something magical about Clickbank earnings proof on a sales page, isn’t there? It initiates all these emotions of jealousy, and awe….and a really strong desire to have a Clickbank account just like THAT one you are looking at.

Wow, what would life be like if YOU made money like that, too???

So, you know what? I’ve worked hard – really, really hard. I make good money now. I practice what I preach…and what I am selling at really DOES work.

I can tell people that until I am blue in the face. *I* am proof that it all works… me!

But, the only thing that will really get anyones attention….and drive them down to that “Buy Now” button is this:

As you can see, that screen shot was taken just a little bit ago. You can also see that this is a current screen shot from my Clickbank account.

So, there you have it.

What’s It Like To Make THAT Much Money Online Each Day?

The earnings from my Clickbank account alone have completely and totally changed my life. Not just MY life, but the life of my family, too.

Options we never thought possible are now VERY possible.

We can now afford vacations, college…and lots of really cool toys.

I NEVER stress anymore when at the grocery store about spending too much…. even a simple trip to the mailbox to get our bills is stress-free.

Life is great…. and I want others to live like this, too.

That is why I can’t WAIT to get my One Week Marketing Action Plan on the Clickbank market. No, not so I can make MORE money – obviously, I have plenty of that already – but to help OTHERS get to making money like this.

All it takes is following my simple weekly action plan – and you are off and running to having a Clickbank account just like that of YOUR OWN.

So, now let me ask you something….

How do you feel right now? Are you interested in One Week Marketing? Do you want to get our hands on that simple weekly marketing plan that will get YOU earnings like that?

Think I would make sales?

Sadly, I would….. and I’d be the biggest liar in history.

I might end up being a very RICH liar…but still a liar none-the-less.

Folks, I am a tech-IDIOT. I can barely make graphics that are even kinda good. But guess what? I managed to edit my Clickbank screen shot up there in about 2 MINUTES.

It is sadly VERY VERY easy to do.

Do not fall for the emotional response a earnings screen shot gives you when deciding whether or not to buy an online marketing aid or system. Emotional triggers will send your credit card WAY over its spending limit before you even know what happened to you.

Know what else is really sad?

There are plenty of ethical marketers working online that ARE honest. Yes, people like me. I DO follow my own One Week Marketing Action Plan….and it DOES work. And, quite frankly, I am REALLY proud of my REAL Clickbank account.

However, it does NOT look like the one above. Well, not quite yet, anyway =)

How To Make Millions On Clickbank In MINUTES

Ok, naturally everyone wants to know HOW I did that. No, I didn’t use PhotoShop or anything like that.

Here is the YouTube video that is available for all to see. The narrator is bit hard to understand, but the entire ‘instructions’ last about a minute and a half.

Be careful what you believe. Be careful of those little emotional triggers that cause you to enter your credit card number or PayPal id without serious thought.

I’m telling ya…. If *I* can do this in mere minutes… ANYONE can do this.

So, will we see a screen shot of MY REAL Clickbank earnings on the One Week Marketing sales page? Maybe… Still undecided.

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