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As those of you subscribed to my newsletter and those in my Wealthy Affiliate family know, the PotPieGirl clan had some sad news recently – my father passed away. Things have been quiet here at PotPieGirl.com and I appreciate everyones patience as life gets back to some semblance of ‘normal’.

This post will be one of my infamous PotPiePosts (you know, the ones where I ramble endlessly about everything with a focus on nothing? lol). However, before I start I want to say something very important…

Thank you.

Seriously, all the support, prayers, and condolences that have filled my email have been SO SO SO wonderful. I wish I could find the words to express just how much each of your emails and messages have meant to me, but as unusual as this may sound – words escape me.

I tried very hard to respond back to each and every email and message. I was so touched that I couldn’t stand for anyone to NOT know how much I appreciate you. If I missed anyone, I am so sorry! Please feel free to shoot me a message and yell at me =)

I am incredibly humbled to see first hand what a wonderful group of people I am surrounded by. Each of you take your right arm and wrap it around your left shoulder… now your left arm around your right shoulder…. Now squeeze.

That is a thank you hug from me. Y’all are wonderful!

Back to Business

So, I signed up for the Direct Deposit and weekly payments options with Clickbank. The payments that went out today are for the first pay period I was set to receive a direct deposit payment. Wowzers – that money was in my account FAST! No waiting for a check… no going to the bank. Presto – PAID!

As for the weekly payments from Clickbank…

Perhaps a few of you were as confused as I was about that whole schedule of events? I sat down and figured it out – maybe this will help…

There is one more “normal” pay period – actually a bit longer – before the weekly payments kick in. That payment will be sent at the end of this month. The first weekly pay period will be 9/17 thru 9/23 (Weds – Tuesday). The earnings will be calculated on Weds 10/1 and will be paid out the following Wednesday – 10/8. The cycle continues like that. Earn it Wednesday thru Tuesday. Calculated & settled the next Wednesday and paid out the following Wednesday.

If you signed up for weekly payments, you will start receiving payment from Clickbank of every Wednesday beginning October 8th.

Speaking Of Clickbank

WOW at the response to my last post about My ClickBank earnings!! That screen shot is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?? I hope y’all now realize that I was trying to make a point =) You would be amazed at how many congratulatory emails and messages I received!

Just remember this – as a general rule, people don’t read; they scan.

That is a VERY important lesson both for your online marketing efforts AND for examining your OWN behavior when presented with a sales page.

I would LOVE to say that PotPieGirl has a Clickbank account like that, but, I don’t. Not yet, anyway =). My checks have commas in them, but my DAYS do not (not yet anyway).

Speaking of PotPieGirl

Not too long ago, I shared with y’all that PotPieGirl.com was given sitelinks from Google. Well guess what? I got two MORE! Now I have 8. Yippppeeeee!


Pretty nifty, huh? Another nice little gift from the Big G… Thanks, Google!

The BIG Question

The question of the week seems to be…. When the heck is OneWeekMarketing.com going to be released?

It’s coming, I promise. Other than recent time constraints, I have one into ONE issue when working on the main guide.

I can’t shut up.

In all seriousness, I’ve been editing the main guide and each time I re-read it, I find things I should expand on, things I should add…. it’s crazy! While there are a LOT of guides in the One Week Marketing Action Plan, this “main guide” is well, its the main guide. I am finding I have SO much to say and share that I can’t seem to shut up long enough to be satisfied with the end result!

Imagine that… ME, not being able to shut up! haha!

It’s coming… but I won’t release it until I am absolutely proud of it and feel it way over-delivers. Those that are on the advanced noticed list (from signing up at OneWeekMarketing.com) will be the first ones to know when that happens.

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