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I’m an “underdog” – a bootstrapping underdog, at that.  Who woulda guessed that I’d have a chance in all this “make money online” mumbo-jumbo.  I was at a total disadvantage when I got the big, hairy idea to make money from my computer at home – I knew NOTHING about it.  Chances of my survival were slim – chances of my success were virtually non-existent.

But here I am –  Finding a way to pay the bills through the power of my internet connection.

Pretty cool, huh?

I think so and I am so glad I am so hard-headed that giving up wasn’t an option (don’t tell my hubby I admitted to being hard-headed, ok?  Thanks!).

Know what else is really cool?  There are LOTS of folks out there just like me!  I think that is AMAZING!

Perhaps YOU are a Bootstrappin’ Underdog as well?

I know that a large majority of my readers ARE – and for me, it is super exciting to be able to talk with, and share with, others who are just like me.

We’re a unique breed.  Yep, we do tend to be hard-headed and we certainly aren’t quitters, are we?  We know only the tough and relentless survive and we ARE tough and relentless.

It’s an honor to be in your company and to have YOU hanging out here with little ol’ me.

Thank you!

Things sure have been going crazy with online marketing and ranking in Google lately, haven’t they?

I’ve read a TON about all the changes and TONS of advice about what to DO about the changes – but I really haven’t come across anything that really helps and relates to people like us.

We aren’t big, fancy businesses with staff and teams for PR or SEO or content marketing.  WE are all those things.

Odds are good that few of us only have ONE project going online.  We tend to be “niche marketers” and have lots of things going so we have lots of revenue streams.

When things get whack online, where’s the help and advice for us?

I couldn’t find it.

However, as I’ve learned about all the changes, tested things, looked at stats, etc, I have had a long internal talk with myself that has helped ME get through these crazy times.

That long talk I’ve had with myself?  Well, I turned that into my own personal Survival Guide.

I went ahead and typed everything out so I could share it with others that just might need this long talk as well.

  • I talk about the 10 questions I really needed to ask MYSELF so I could get my head on straight and back to business.
  • I show examples of things I think are hurting sites now – and helping sites.
  • I share the “band-aid” techniques I am using to help get my exposure and sales back NOW.
  • I share my Rocket Method which helped me BEFORE all this craziness and has really saved my butt in the midst of all this craziness.
  • I share how I am doing things now moving forward and WHY I am doing things this way.
  • I talk about backlinks and doing things moving forward.
  • I reveal my C.H.E.A.T. Method for starting and growing a new site.

It’s almost 70 pages long so yes, I talk about a LOT of things that really come into play in today’s online marketing atmosphere for people like us.

It’s a trip inside my brain as I attempt to grasp and explain what is going on, repair any damage done, and what I’m doing moving forward.

I’m not doing some fancy-dancy sales page for it – this is it for now.

I want to offer my Survival Guide to y’all first.

If y’all like it and want me to set it up “officially” with an affiliate program and all that cool stuff, let me know.  If there is enough interest, I’ll make it happen.

So there ya go – my big fancy, high-pressure sales pitch…lol!

If you’d like a copy of PotPieGirl’s Survival Guide, just use the PayPal button below.  My Survival Guide costs a whopping $37 right now (tho that very well could change if I switch to a “real” sales page and affiliate set up).

If you do pick up a copy, please let me know your thoughts in the comments area.

I’d really appreciate the feedback.

I’m not sure how long I will keep it set up like this.  That’s not a ‘threat’ or a sales tactic – just the truth.

There’s no up-sells, down-sells, side-sells, or anything like that. Just click, buy, read.

Hope it helps!

PotPieGirl's Survival Guide

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