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I know, I know – it’s not like me to post again so soon, but I just saw something in the Google search results that makes me laugh my a$$ off.  Let me show you just how bad things have gotten…. OR, it’s a sign that another storm is coming…

So I wandered over to Google today…this time using Chrome.

I never use Chrome, but figured I’d go check on some search results in a nice “clean” environment.

Wowzers at what I saw!

So I searched for a very popular affiliate keyword space – how to get your ex back.

Let me just show you what got returned as the “Top 10 Results” (I had to go check other browsers to make sure Chrome wasn’t playing tricks on me!)



So let’s review, shall we?


#1 is a site I’d expect to find…so Ok, fine

#2 is a wikihow article thingy (ugh).  Which, by the way if anyone is interested, they have a button that allows you to put their ENTIRE article on YOUR site (yippee)

#3 Yahoo answers (sigh, but ok)

#4 A sales page… fine

Now it gets interesting…..

#5 When you mouse over the Google Instant Preview for this ranking url, you see a snapshot of a VERY keyword-stuffed page.  BUT, when you actually click THRU to SEE…well you get something totally different (perhaps the actual site that the url reflects?  Total weirdness)

#6 No Way!  “this site may be compromised”???  Ranking on Page 1?????

#7 Yet again, the Google Instant Preview of that page shows yet another keyword-stuffed page, but when you click thru – a page that is an affiliate url

Now it gets REALLY fun….

#8 A Restaurant.  (yes, laughed my a$$ off at that, but hey, perhaps this restaurant IS key to getting your ex back?)

#9 an Affiliate page/site…ok, fine.  Totally expect to find that.

and drum roll please for the last result on Page 1…….

#10 – a Music and Comedy site… don’t even really know WHAT it is….


Ladies and gentlemen, the Google Search Results have hit an all-time LOW.

THIS is BETTER?  Google is pleased with all this?

(I bet their searchers sure aren’t!  For me, it made me laugh hysterically!)

Or, is this a sign that yet again, another storm is about to blow thru?

Whatcha think? Comments are open.



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