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The term Niche Marketing, when applied to the internet marketing industry, simply means marketing products online to smaller, and more focused, markets that are under-served by the marketing community. As an internet marketer, you probably already understand how a high volume of searches matched with a low number of search engine returns equals gold. There are lots of folks looking and ready to buy, but not much for them to find – until you come along and dominate that niche.

One of my favorite online marketers, Andrew Hansen, came out with a “little” product earlier this year called Niche Marketing on Crack. This “little” product of Andrews rocked the internet marketing community. I can remember it being announced in the Warrior Forum and the marketing “frenzy” it created. I feel certain that I am not the only one that really got a lot out of that product. Best part is, Niche Marketing on Crack was not about an internet marketing fad. This system, and this advice still apply, and probably will for a long time.

The basic premise behind Niche Marketing on Crack is a system to find small, under-served markets online, and building small and tightly-focused websites to serve that market – and making a lot of money in the process. The whole system Andrew lays out is excellent – keyword research, market research…the whole enchilada. And it’s all so darn easy! Many, many online marketers are following this concept every day – even though they may have NO idea of who Andrew Hansen is or about that “little” product he created. (Sadly, many that never read Niche Marketing on Crack are doing it all wrong, too. Yikes!)

Andrew Hansen KNOWS Niche Marketing. He not only teaches it – he lives it.

He walks the walk and I completely respect that about him.

Earlier today, it was brought to my attention that Andrew Hansen has a new niche marketing report out.

It took me all of three seconds to decide to buy it (shoot, for $7, what’s to think about? It’s from Andrew Hansen for goodness sake!)

This report on Niche Marketing is very, very good. Andrew talks about the future of niche marketing and the things we, as online marketers, will need to do to adapt to the changes. I’ve read it twice already and I have to say, this report really opened my eyes and helped me to re-adjust my thinking towards niche marketing as a whole.

Andrew also offered solid ideas for building a long-term online business and some really great ideas for making some quick money online with a small amount of effort. His idea on page 21 is pretty awesome it’s nice to read an internet marketing report that actually has fresh and new ideas in it.

I feel like I got a secret insiders look at the way he runs his online business and niche marketing efforts as he shared his tools that he uses (no, these are not promotional tools that he is promoting for profit). As someone who is very focused on niche marketing with blogs lately, I can’t wait to try all this stuff out.

I was disappointed that the report was not longer than the 29 pages I received – I really wanted him to keep talking for another 100 pages! But hey, how much can someone give away for $7?

A few of the things Andrew talks of in his niche marketing report upset me a bit – these were revelations that caused a bit of the ol “paradigm shift” that I need to hear…but really didn’t want to hear about the niche marketing business.

If you are looking for 29 pages of miracle “magic bullets” that will require no work on your part but will make you rich over night, this is not a report for you. However, Andrew did share a solid idea for “quick money” that the selfish side of me is ok if you don’t want to know (more for me! haha!)

Now, if you are serious about your online business and want solid information about niche marketing from someone who knows what he is talking about – I highly recommend the tiny $7 investment.

Check out Andrew Hansens Niche Marketing report. (You’ll be glad you did)

Take a moment to check out these other awesome niche marketing products by Andrew Hansen:

Niche Marketing on Crack

(There is a cool follow-up product to this called Niche Marketing on Crack — for Dummies – worth a look! )

Article Speed Writing – (this is awesome, too)

Niche Empire Generator – FREE access to this amazing product! if you’re a niche marketing blogger, like me, you will LOVE this!

As you can tell by Andrew Hansens product line, the man walks and talks, eats and breathes, niche marketing. I feel sure you will find his insights, advice, and marketing tips to be high-quality and totally relevant. I don’t buy much…but this niche marketing report was a “no-brainer” for me.

I really hope you enjoy this massive amount of niche marketing info. This is all totally helping me with my niche blogging efforts and I will be focusing on the content and advice from all these products in the next few weeks as I get my niche empire rockin’!

My NEXT product I can’t wait to review is from another one of my favorite internet marketing producers, Dave Bullock. He is the wonderfully terrific man that got me to Squidoo Blueprint. His latest, Instant Blog Cash, is right up my alley! After all – Squidoo is hyped-up niche marketing, isn’t it? I can’t wait to review Daves latest!

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