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Cool Stuff at Cool Squidoo Blogs

Figured I start something new now that I have started a list of the Top 100 Squidoo Blogs. How about we take a peek around and see what some of these wonderful folks are talking about? If you want to learn how to Squidoo, who better to learn from than the folks that have a real passion for it?

Helping New Squidoo’rs

Looks like Joan is at it again – helping someone else get addicted to Squidoo! Over at Squidoo Kindergarten, Joan gives props to a new lensmaster that she’s been helping and links out to his very first lens which is a GREAT resource for new lensmasters! (Well done, SittonBull…. and welcome to Squidoo!)

Tipping? Yes or No?

There’s been a bit of discussion lately about “tip jars” being on Squidoo lenses. Good ol’ Captain Squid has a great discussion going on over at his blog about this very topic -read what The Captain has to say about Why Tip Jars and Squidoo Don’t Mix (looks like Megan at Squidoo feels the same way 🙂 )

TwttrStrm (read: TwitterStorm)

Leave it to Squidoo to come up with a REALLY cool way to incorporate Twitter and Squidoo called TwitterStorm (twttrstrm). Over at, Lewis talks about how HE plans on using TWTTRSTRM. Good read =)

Friendly Contests?

Over at So You Want To Be A Giant Squid, there’s a new contest on the books for the month of February. I bet you will find this new Squidoo lens contest very FRIENDLY 😉

Angels Among Us

Be sure to stop by Squidoography and welcome one of our newest Squidoo Angels! I’ve been good all year… hint, hint! Oh wait, that’s what I say to Santa, isn’t it? Oh well….

I Think I’m a Member…

JeffWend has shared a VERY cool tool on his Observations Of A Giant Squid Blog. You know how we join all these social web 2.0-y sites? Every forget which ones you are a member of? Ever wonder if your user name is available at other sites? Ever wonder WHAT other sites you can use to promote your lenses? Check out this post about User Name Checker at Jeff’s blog. (note from me: This little tool checks SIXTY-EIGHT sites… I found myself saying, “Oh wow, forgot I signed up there!” and ” NEVER heard of THAT site!”)

Squidoo Is Like Blogging?

Great post from over at SquidooHQ – 7 Reasons To Treat Your Squidoo Lenses Like Blog Posts. Not only a great read, but made some VERY good points!

I hope you will visit all these great Squidoo bloggers! You can see (or JOIN) my list of the Top 100 Squidoo blogs here, or see the latest posts from many of these Squidoo blogs here.

Have a great weekend!

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