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Start WHERE?

I love reading other make money online products. People out there have such great ideas and techniques, don’t you think? But something hit me tonight as I was finishing my latest read. Have you ever noticed how many of these ebooks you finish and then have NO CLUE where to start? Seriously! I read and enjoy the knowledge and the concepts…and then when I’m all geared up and ready to implement the processes I just learned, I realize that I don’t know where to START.

I Read It So Why Am I Still Broke?

There is one fact about any make money online system, ebook, training, video, etc etc etc that will always remain true. Not a single one of them “works” without you implementing the things you just learned. I have yet to find a single thing online that made me money just because I READ IT.

And let’s take that one step further…. how many ebooks do you actually READ? No, not scan… but READ. How many have you read twice or three times to be sure you absorbed all the information that was offered to you?

Now, on the other hand, how many make money online training resources have you scanned and them tucked away on your hard drive?

No need to answer out loud. I’m really just putting those questions out there as food for thought as opposed to taking a poll =)

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Odds are really strong that the majority of us have done it at LEAST once.

Why Do We Scan and File?

There are many, many reasons we scan a new ebook and then file it away on our computers. Among those reasons are:

1. OMG! This takes Work! – Yes, let’s admit it. There are some great systems and tutorials we read that absolutely come across as an unbelievable amount of effort. Sooooooooooo, we just file that away for “when we have time”.

2. OMG! Cool Idea! – Yes, we also read some really, really great stuff. These ebooks might get saved directly on our computer desktop as opposed to in the ol ‘ ebook file folder because we are SO going to do this – one day.

3. Yes! This Is What I Want To Do! – Eureka! You found it. THIS is how you want to make money online. You actually READ it instead of scanning and you’re all fired up to start. Only one problem…. WHERE do you start? It’s that one obstacle causes that ebook to live a lonely life on your computer.

Reason #3 is the one that is stuck in my mind tonight. Why do so many ebooks and systems take you through all the tricks and tips…..maybe run you through some case studies…. but when you’re done reading, you have no idea where “Square One” is so YOU can START?

Square One – Start Here

SO many of you voluntarily email me and say such nice things about One Week Marketing and I appreciate it SO much! I got an email the other day, though, and that probably is why this specific topic is on my mind.

The person emailed to tell me thank you. She finally read something to help her learn how to make money online and instead of feeling lost when finished with the package, she felt motivated, totally prepared to get started, AND she knew WHERE to start.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

That is EXACTLY what I was hoping people would feel after reading One Week Marketing. That is WHY the Action Plan was created in the first place – so *I* had a daily plan of action and always knew what I needed to do today, and tomorrow and the next day and so on and so on.

Yes, I created that Action Plan for myself.

When I was putting OWM together, I knew that I wanted to arm each reader with knowledge and understanding of what to do and WHY we do it…and then send them on their way prepared and comfortable at Square One.

One really great thing for me is that I KNOW that if those that read One Week Marketing actually implement what I teach, that it won’t be long before they find balance and confidence in this totally unfamiliar world of internet marketing.

The “Unknown” presents itself to us as a brick wall. An obstacle. It is this very wall that keeps 95% or more of the people trying to make money online from being successful in this business.

Do you know that if YOU are one of the people who not only read One Week Marketing, but you are actually IMPLEMENTING the Action Plan, that you are WAYYYYYYYYY, WAYYYYYYY ahead of the rest of those trying to make money online?

Just the simple fact that you are willing to get your hands dirty and break through that wall speaks volumes about YOU. Everyone is NOT doing that. How many people do you think read OWM and then MIGHT make ONE lens…and then give up?


Yes, there are a LOT of people all over the internet that are quite vocal about their love of One Week Marketing and about their SUCCESS with One Week Marketing. But if I take that number and compare it to just how many people have a copy of the Action Plan, it would shock you to know what a small percent of people actually take real, COMPLETE action….. and CONTINUE to take action.

One Week Marketing is NOT about creating ONE campaign and getting rich. However, it IS about creating multiple streams of income and compounding wealth.

Those that understand that are doing very, very well. Their future in this business is bright because they are the ones that are getting dirty and making mistakes and busting butt to break that wall down one brick at a time.

Those are the ones that will make money online =)

You know who you are….and I am so SO proud of each and every one of you! I hope you are equally proud of YOURSELF.

On Another Note

I have also gotten a few emails lately asking me why I didn’t expand on the “how to use Squidoo” portion of One Week Marketing. I have two main reasons for my decision to NOT do that.

1. You don’t need no stinkin’ book to learn how to make a basic Squidoo lens. Now, there are some that want to shorten the learning curve and have all the info they need in one place, so they DO buy an ebook. (Hey, I’m ALL about saving time, so I am NOT knocking that….lol! I buy guides to save time very often).

I came across a lens today that is such a wonderful resource for those that are new to the Squidoo platform. For free, this extremely generous lensmaster walks you thru opening a new Squidoo account all the way thru publishing and beyond. If the reason you are not implementing the Action Plan in One Week Marketing is because you don’t “get” Squidoo, please visit and bookmark this lens – How To Make A Squidoo Lens

For those of you that think you’ve “got it”, set aside a little time and go read thru this lens, too. It is that good.

2. Why Try and Re-Invent The Wheel? There are SO many ebooks and resources out there for those that want to learn how to use Squidoo that it would be silly for me to repeat it all in One Week Marketing (which would also probably make a price increase necessary). A simple search on the Squidoo site will return a WEALTH of information on the topic – all for free.

If you really want a guide that is good for beginners all the way to more advanced Squidoo tips and strategies, I still recommend Squidoo Cash Machine.

In Closing

I hope all of you on the One Week Marketing list got the BIG list of resources and Frequently Asked Questions I sent out the other day. Again, I apologize for sending such a long email, but I think it will end up being a very valuable resource as you are getting your hands dirty breaking thru that wall.

And before I forget, I am 99% positive that I have something really cool to share with y’all on Friday. Nope, I’m not selling anything….lol Just something that I am very excited to share =)

Have a great day!

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