So, How IS Nick Doing?

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How Is Nick Doing After His One Week Marketing Training?

I LOVE it! I am now getting email from folks that are asking me, “How’s Nick doing?”!!! That’s so cool! For those of you that are unfamiliar with Nick, let me tell you about this young man. Nick was my “guinea pig” for One Week Marketing and his entire training with me is one of the guides included in One Week Marketing. Nick made THREE SALES the first week he was working with me! So, naturally, people wanna know – How’s Nick Doing NOW?

Life After One Week Marketing

Nick and I had a blast working on One Week Marketing together. In fact, my entire family became this huge Nick Fan Club and they would all cheer when they’d hear ol’ Mom (me) scream thru the house, “He Made Another Sale!!!!!!” after reading Nicks message. They all knew who Nick was. I was so excited about walking Nick through One Week Marketing. It was an incredible experience!

But now that moment in time is over…and my “little bird” has flown the nest and gone on to….

Gone on to WHAT? How IS Nick doing now?

Why not let Nick answer for himself?

Nicks One Week Marketing Story

If you can’t see the video, you can find it here on YouTube:

I am so proud of Nick that I could bust! Way to go, Nick! And THANK YOU for helping me get One Week Marketing out there to help others!

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