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Squidoo Tags Are Useless? Really?

With all the recent conversation about the effectiveness and worth of tags on a Squidoo lens, I’ve had some readers email me and ask my opinion. Naturally, I have an opinion…haha… but I didn’t want to share it until I had some sort of proof to back it up. So, here is my opinion…and my test to determine whether Squidoo tags are useless… or useFUL… for ME.

Are Squidoo Tags Worth The Effort?

At one time, the Squidoo tags pages were indexed by Google and they obtained Page Rank. This made for some powerful deep-links within Squidoo and also additional traffic streams to our lenses. Earlier this year, Squidoo blocked the search engines from indexing the tag pages which resulted in many folks claiming that Squidoo tags are now useless and/or have no longer have any SEO benefit.

Here are two posts on this topic:

Squidoo Tag Pages Have No SEO Benefit!

FINALLY: Why Squidoo Tags Are Useless

While I don’t disagree with the point that the benefits we once had internally on the Squidoo site have changed, I do disagree with whether the tags we put on our lenses being “useless” or having “no SEO benefit” at all. I still see definite on-page SEO benefits.

Instead of going into a whole thing about why I think this or that, I’m just going to show you a little experiment I ran….and you can make a decision for yourself as to whether Squidoo tags are useless for YOU.

The Squidoo Tag Experiement.

I made a new lens… that is on a NEW Squidoo account. No lenses are linked to it. As of this writing, it has no stars (ratings)…nothing. Just a lone lens out in the great big Squidoo sea.

I came up with a unique phrase and made that a tag on my lens. I chose the phrase “potpiegirl is really smart”. Believe it or not, there was not a SINGLE incident of that exact phrase anywhere on the internet before this experiment. (Laughing at myself for the silly things I think of to entertain myself! haha).

Now, this specific phrase is no where within the content of the lens. The ONLY place on this lens that the phrase “potpiegirl is really smart” is found is as a TAG.

This is the lens:


After the lens was indexed, I did another Google search for the exact phrase “potpiegirl is really smart”.

This is what was returned:

So…. there you have it.

ARE Squidoo Tags Useful For YOU?

It’s important to look at all the information and run your own tests. Perhaps many of you already have. Please, share with us….

Do YOU think Squidoo tags are useless?

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