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I Swear, If One More Person Tries To Get Me To Buy Something….

I’m tired of it!  All these people that claim to want to help me are constantly sending me sales pitch emails for whatever they claim is the “latest and greatest” product of the day.  What’s with that??!?!  I get SO frustrated!  I mean here I am, trying so hard to make this work with very little money to invest – and I am bombarded with all these emails offering me yet another product to buy.  I swear, I am going to start emailing these marketers back and give them a piece of my mind!  I’ve had it!

Tell Me, Does That Sound Familiar?

Yes, perhaps I went a little over the top in my intro paragraph, but thing is – I’ve really been there.  That state of mind plagued me when I was trying to make sense out of all this (and when I had very few cents to spend).  I had this inner rage brewing – like a ticking time-bomb – and it was scary.  It seemed there was this magic answer out there that no one was telling me – BUT apparently, the “answer” WAS inside whatever product they were promoting to me that day.

Tick…. Tick…. Tick….

SOOOO Frustrated by Internet Marketing!

WHY wouldn’t anyone just HELP ME out of the goodness of their heart?  Why did all help and “answers” come with a price tag?  And worse yet, how the heck would I know what is something good to buy…. or yet another solution to even more confusion?!??!

Tick… Tick…. Tick….

I was very close to becoming way too cynical and jaded by this internet marketing industry that I almost decided to quit.  Thank God I had a few minor changes in mindset that helped me so very much.  The frustration was gone, my determination was back…..and my cynical attitude was relieved.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT Picking On Anyone

Let me say that again… I am NOT picking on anyone here.  If anything, I am picking on myself as I relive a place I have been during my time here in online marketing.   Believe it or not, some people get mad at me.  Some folks send me some not-so-nice emails.  Within limits, I try and respond to them all.


Because these people are feeling something that I am all too familiar with from not too long ago.


In my opinion, frustration, cynicism, and desperation are killers -and I think it’s a mind set we all have experienced at one time or another in our lives (not just with internet marketing).  Bottom line is, we have to learn how to shake that mindset off so we can move forward productively and with a healthy attitude towards the business we are building (and with life in general).

Hey, when you’re trying to change your life in this great big unknown called the internet, it’s scary.  You don’t have much of an industry-related gut instinct to trust yet.  Your fear of failure is MAJOR….and we also tend to be our own worst critic, don’t we?

To me, it was like the few months before I had my first child (who, by the way, turned 21 today and is getting married this Saturday!!!!)

When I was expecting, it seemed EVERYONE had advice, knew what I needed to buy, what kind of bottles were “best”, what style of parenting was “best”, when “good babies” should sleep thru the night if they are mothered properly.  Heck, turns out that if my child wasn’t potty-trained by two years-old, I was a flat out FAILURE as a mother.

Talk about PRESSURE! As we moms now know, there is no “right” way.  You do what is best at the moment (and with a long-term view in mind) and try to do what works for your child and for your family.

Guess what?  My daughter was over 3 years old before the stubborn little thing decided to become fully potty-trained (AND we had to bribe her with a trip to see Mickey Mouse) – and she is now a happy, healthy, beautiful, and intelligent young woman.  However, *I* got to see every single restroom in Disney World that year….hahaha!

Ok, back on topic….

How To Shake It Off

Once I realized ONE thing…. a lot started to change for me with online marketing.

I was taking it all wayyyyyy too personally.

I felt as if every promotional email was directed at ME, and ONLY me.  It never crossed my emotional mind that those emails went out to thousands of people….AND some of those people might actually be glad to learn about that product.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I am bombarded by marketing every second of every day in “real life”.  From the moment I wake up and see the brand name on our alarm clock, the commercials in between the morning news shows (or heck, the news shows themselves!) to the moment my eyes close at night, I am being marketed to.

So are you.

So why are we so sensitive to the constant marketing from those we gave permission to market to us?  Yes, when we opt in, we gave our permission until we choose to opt OUT.  (I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall the cable company EVER calling me and asking if I wanted commercials with the TV channels I pay for each month)

Know why these marketing emails bother us so much?  Because we ARE sensitive about it.  For most of us, this is a very sensitive topic.  We are trying to make a big change in our lives, we are terrified of failure, and we feel very alone in our endeavors, don’t we?  I know I sure did.  What was worse for me was the sting I felt each time someone would promote a product to me that I wanted – BUT, I sure as heck couldn’t afford it at that time.

It was like a knife stab each time reminding me that I was broke with a capital “B-R-O-K-E”.


It was like yet another not-so-subtle reminder of how close to failure I felt.

Anyone else feel or have felt this way?  (Oh, someone please say yes so I don’t look like a total idiot here spilling my guts….lol!)

Businesses Are Not Run Emotionally

Once I decided to stop running (or uh, growing) my business from an emotion state of mind, so much of the frustration disappeared.  I also cut the other marketers some slack because most of them were just trying to make a living, too.

Then I realized something much more helpful to me…

No matter WHO sent the email, WHAT they were promoting, HOW they promoted it…. They all WERE teaching me something!

I opened the email – WHY? (write it down so I remember it)

I read the email – WHY? (write it down….)

I clicked the link – WHY? (write it down….)

I deleted the email without even reading it – WHY? (yup, write it down)

I opened the email and opted out – WHY? (Yep, you guessed it – write it down)

When someone emails you and gets you to take an action (whether you buy or not), you are learning something. Even if you detest everything that marketer does… GOOD!  You are learning what you never want to do.

I have become about 98% immune to the products being promoted (unless it’s way cool or I think it can help my subscribers out), but I am 125% aware of HOW I am being marketed TO.

You wanna talk about some great free internet marketing education – you can’t beat this!

This mindset allowed me to start growing and building my business with a professional mindset.  Not only am I learning for free from all these other marketers – I am also learning the power of the consumer and the power of my own good business judgment.

No more emotional reactions.  No more sensitivity.  I am in charge of the current state AND the future of my online business.  No one can bring me down unless I let them.

Let the frustration go…. it’s an energy zapper.  Save that energy for positive thoughts AND positive ACTIONS.  Don’t give anyone the power to cause you to react emotionally to a business situation.

Before long, you’ll be saying, “C’mon… SELL TO ME!  Bring it on – Let’s see what you’ve got!!”

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