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What a GREAT Day!

Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor of watching my son, Trey, exchange wedding vows with his new wife, Carissa.  What a beautiful wedding….what a perfect day…what an amazing young couple.  I have a few pictures to share with everyone.  Thank you for humoring me and allowing this internet marketing mom to brag about her family a little.  MAYBE… just maybe…I can get thru this post WITHOUT more tears of happiness flowing.  I feel like I was the Kleenex lady yesterday….lol.

Congratulations Trey and Carissa!

family-wedding-datedThe day started off in chaos (of course).  A last minute dash to the store to trade out my hubby’s suit jacket (I got the wrong size…duh, Jen…lol) and then getting everybody all ready and STILL CLEAN by the time we got in the car.

Once that mission was accomplished, the rest of the day should be a breeze, right Moms?

We’re Going To The Chapel….

When we drove up in the church parking lot, the first thing I saw was my son and his groomsmen outside in their tuxes – and camo hats with their sunglasses on – getting ready for some pictures with the photographer.  He is such a handsome young man – but all I could see was my baby.  The tears welled up, but I had to hold it together (Trey would tease me for being “all mushy” hahahaha!)

hollis-and-mom-weddingNext, a trip inside to find my daughter and the bride.  All the bridesmaids had been at the church since early that morning getting their hair and make up done.  They all looked so beautiful.  One look at my daughter and here came the tears again… BUT, Hollis said “Mama, please don’t!”   She hates when I cry because it makes HER cry, too – so, I had to suck it up again.

Then, I got the honor of a brief moment with the bride before the ceremony.  I took one step into the brides room, turned to look at her, and went all to pieces.

Have you ever seen someone that just glowed from beauty (both inner and outward) AND from pure happiness?  That’s how Carissa looked to me – absolutely radiant.

The specific date they chose for their wedding was not random nor an accident.  Yesterday also marked their 5-year anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend.  These two kids have been by each others side for years…and they have made it thru some really tough life situations.  It was the perfect, and only natural day, to celebrate the next steps in their life as husband and wife.

Due to all their years together, Carissa had already been part of our family all this time – but seeing her in that gorgeous gown with love and joy radiating from every inch of her simply took my breath away.  I took my eyes off her for just a second to get something that was my grandmothers to put in her bouquet – and when I looked back at her, she was crying, too.

It was a wonderful and touching moment that I will always remember….. but then they kicked me out because they had to re-do her makeup.  Good job, Jen…messing up the brides makeup!

…and We’re Gonna Get Married….


The ceremony was beautiful.  I managed to make it down the aisle without tripping or any other incident – so that’s always good.  Seeing family and friends there to share in the joy was heart-warming.  My daughter was stunning coming down the aisle all dolled up in her bridesmaid gown and fancy hair.  (She’s not a “dress” type girl – so this was a real treat for all of us to even SEE her in a dress!). 

My nephew, Travis, has been by Trey’s side since my nephew was born, so seeing him there again by Treys side as his best man was perfect.


Travis not only gave a wonderful speech at the reception – but he then went way beyond the “call of duty” for a best man.  Travis is very talented musically.  He plays guitar, writes songs, and sings so well.  He wrote a special song just for Trey and Carissa that he sang while playing the guitar for the couple’s first dance. Talk about tears flowing!  I think the entire room lost it then!  I can’t wait to see the video whenever it’s available – it was an awesome moment.

Time for me to stop rambling so I will  sum it all up by saying it was an absolutely fantastic day.  I wish Trey and Carissa a lifetime of love of happiness -and the fortitude to weather any storm that may come their way.  In traditional new mother-in-law style I will add this – Now get out there and make me some grandbabies!

The pictures in this post are some that were captured with my digital camera.  They aren’t the greatest, but I couldn’t wait to share our day.

Thank you for allowing me to go totally off the internet marketing subject in this post.  There is so much more to life than what we do to earn money.

If you need me to say something about internet marketing in this post…

Ok, I will  =)  Don’t forget that tomorrow, Monday, June 1st at noon EST, will start the $1 trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  Only a certain amount of these memberships will be offered so don’t miss out.

Now, I am going to relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday with my family and have a big exhale after all the busy events we have had lately.

Enjoy your day!

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