What If There Was No Google?

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Would It Change The Way You Work Online?

What if tomorrow morning you woke up to find that Google closed. Yep, imagine the whole entire monstrosity that is The Big G was no longer online. Through, done, finished. Good-bye Google. What would you do? Would you still work online? Would you still make your sites the same way? Would you still type your posts the same way? Would you survive?

What if…

Imagine this…

You are a purple widget manufacturer. You make GREAT purple widgets. EVERYONE wants one (or ten) of your special purple widgets.

Lo’ and behold, WalMart wants to stock your widgets and put them front and center in every single store they have.

Think you’d make some money? You bet you would!

It would be great, wouldn’t it? To have one of the biggest retail locations in the world stock YOUR purple widget and put them right where everyone can find them.

You’d be cranking out purple widgets faster than you-know-what. You’d be happily hiring more and more folks to help you get those purple widgets out to WalMart.

You’d probably change all your packaging to suit WalMart’s requirements. You’d probably change all your advertising to only say “Our Awesome Purple Widgets Are At Your Local WalMart!

You wouldn’t waste a moment making packaging that could suit another store – nor would you worry about advertising OTHER places consumers could find your widgets.

You wouldn’t even worry about serving other customers because you were made in the shade with WalMart and all THEIR customers.

You’d be in hog-heaven because WalMart was your cash cow.

Why in the world would you worry about any other potential retailer to see your widgets – you had it made!

(yes, I absolutely have to use types of animals in that statement above….you’ll see why in a moment)

The One Day….

Then, one day, out of the blue…. Someone at WalMart decides they do not want to stock your purple widgets anymore.

No telling WHO made this decision, but we feel pretty darn sure it was that new guy – Mr Panda. That Panda guy was known for making these crazy decisions about what is “quality” for their WalMart stores every month!

And you, my dear purple widget owner, just got tagged as “bad quality”.

They won’t tell you WHY they tagged you as not worthy of being in their stores anymore. They simply tell you to improve your quality and toss you out.

Your purple widgets are now nowhere to be found in any WalMart anywhere in the world. Overnight, it was all over.

Your purple widgets were out – POOF! Gone.

Your entire business, from packaging and staffing, to advertising was all set up to please WalMart.

Now what?

What will you do now that there is no WalMart to bring you sales?

Hmmmmm… guess you open an online store and work your entire business around GOOGLE giving you the exposure that WalMart once did?

My Point To All This…

This is EXACTLY how I see so many site owners running their business. They rely completely (or mostly) on Google to send them leads and customers.

And Google doesn’t even take a cut of your sales!

It’s a nice thing – while it lasts. Free traffic coming to your online store… money being made with your great rankings from Google putting your site front and center.

But what happens when they decide to NOT rank your site well anymore?

What happens if they completely REMOVE your site from THEIR “store” (the Google index)??

Can you survive without that Google traffic?

Could you survive if there was suddenly no more Google?

If you knew BEFORE you started your site that Google may not always love your web pages-
would you do things differently?

What would you DO differently to be sure the exposure of your product was diverse and didn’t rely on ONE source to bring you traffic?

Would you work harder on your content. Not harder as in “better optimized”, but better in the sense that PEOPLE like it better?

Would you get out there on the ‘net and form relationships? Talk via comments to other related site owners in a genuine, thoughtful way?

I am a BIG time niche marketer. I love it. I try to create sites that a) Google will like enough to place my pages front and center for my target consumers…and b) that have content the consumers will like when they get there to my web pages.

However, I don’t build a following for those sites. Heck, many sites I don’t even build a LIST for (slap my hand, that makes me a bad, bad marketer…lol!)

But here’s the thing – Google is a traffic SOURCE. They are not the ONLY traffic source. Even I forget that at times.

Niche marketing is great. Target some phrases, put some good content up, and enjoy the free traffic and resulting earnings from Google.

And it’s all free…and takes very little effort when it’s done well AND Google doesn’t hate on you.

But what if there WASN’T a Google?

Would we all be better… better marketers…better site owners… just BETTER, if we stopped worrying about Google?

What do you think?

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