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Once upon a time, I was new to all this… And – I was REALLY new. I didn’t know squat about internet marketing or HTML or back links or writing articles. Heck, for all I knew, FTP was the same as ABC or MTV (yes, I am child of the early 80’s when MTV was cool…lol). Point is, I knew nothing and I had no money to invest in all this. So, I signed up for every free training I could get my hands on – which, in turn, meant I was on 50 million marketers list (and my oh my, what a full inbox I had…lol!)

Thing is, there was one marketer that I came across very early when I started in 2007 and he was someone that had this big impact on me. All these years later, I am STILL on his list. Even after my days of overwhelm from so much email when I get into “purge mode”, I still refuse to unsubscribe from any of his lists (and I am on quite a few of his lists).

Do any of you do that? See your inbox blow up day after day and find yourself asking, “Ok, Self, why are you on THAT list???” – and then start purging to get SOME control over your inbox?


Yes, being on a few of his lists means that I tend to get duplicate emails and such – but I don’t mind. Every single email is a lesson for me. Heck, even all the OTHER lists I am on are lessons for me in one way or another (anyone remember my Stop Selling To Me! post?)

From the moment I came across this marketer I found myself thinking, “Wow, this is a real person!”

Silly, huh? I mean c’mon, we’re all “real people”, right?

But maybe you know what I mean? He came across as real – not some sort of know-it-all, only in it for me, Guru type.

Being on his list was my first moment of realizing that I can be my normal goober self and still do really well online. I don’t have to type perfect or know everything – I don’t have to write compelling copy or anything fancy. I could just be ME.

And let me tell ya – that was a HUGE relief for me! Being ME is easy – trying to be some super marketer was NOT me…and NOT easy to try and be or present myself as.

I am a goober and a weirdo a lot of the time and I do tend to march to my own drummer – but this person let me know it was ok to be that way AND do well online.

No, he didn’t tell me that directly, but I saw that it works just fine. I could see that you could be a real, live, caring human being AND do well online. No “fake it til you make it” bs – just be genuine and real and give a crap about WHO is reading…not just your bottom line.

So, who IS that person I am talking about?

Anyone ever heard of the free course called Bum Marketing? Or perhaps InstaCash Keywords? Maybe you’ve heard of The Magic of Making Up?

Yep, I am talking about Travis Sago. Today, I want to give a shout-out to Travis for being someone who was – and still is – so impactful on my career. (uh oh, spell check just underlined “impactful” – guess it’s not a word? Well, it’s my blog – it is now officially a word…lol!)

I was talking to a friend the other day about people that really helped me get on the right path with internet marketing. The first person that came to my mind was Travis. Sadly, I don’t think Travis knows this and to me, that’s not right. He SHOULD know this! When someone helps you make big change in your life, you SHOULD say thank you and let them know, right?

So here it is –


Travis, THANK YOU! You made me realize that real, genuine, and caring people hold the key to success online. That realization for me was like a light bulb going off that helped set my path to where I am today – and where I hope to be in the future. Thank you for the impact on my online career AND for all the others you continue to help and encourage along the way.

For years now, I have watched you put yourself out there and really try to help people find success with internet marketing. As one of those people you inspired all those years ago, I thank you.


Ever read so much from another marketer that you really feel like you know them? I sure have! Sadly, some I meet in person and they are not what I had made them to be.

But now Travis on the other hand, is TOTALLY the same in real life. It’s to the point now that when I read his emails, I can HEAR him. Very, very odd, I know – but did I mention I can be a weird-o?

The past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Travis and his awesome wife in Las Vegas for our yearly Wealthy Affiliate conference (that’s a picture of us – and yeah, I sure had a hair thing going on…lol!).

I’m telling you, that man is EXACTLY the same in real life as he comes across online.

Let me tell you something else – Travis is SMART. He just pops out with great ideas off the top of his head. Now, I’m not talking “deceptive” smart as in, how can I trick folks into doing something – I mean business SMART. Some things he said that were pure common sense to him were total “a-ha” moments for me. Priceless!

I can remember sitting around with Travis and Ryan Moran and just wanting to LISTEN to both of them brainstorm and talk.

Hey, laugh if you want, but I am not a natural-born marketer – sales and marketing processes don’t come naturally to me. I had to learn to think this way – and I’m still learning.

Ryan is another amazing marketer and all-around great guy. He and I started online about the same time, but get this – he was a COLLEGE student when he started. That kid was making MAJOR money from his DORM ROOM.

He is also a “real person” that I find to be genuine and he isn’t afraid to show his “goober side”. And boy oh boy, he is one smart cookie too. It didn’t take me but about 5 seconds to realize that Ryan would achieve amazing things online and/or in ANYTHING he chose to do. I was right too – he has had incredible success online and continues to do great things. That’s a picture of Ryan and I being total goobers in Vegas. We were trying to do a cool Wealthy Affiliate (WA) hand sign thing.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this today is because I think it’s important to say something when someone makes a difference in your life. I’ve never said it before – and I should have.

I didn’t get here alone – and neither should any of you. Travis is someone I totally recommend paying attention to. He knows what he is doing AND he cares if you succeed or not.

No, I’m not doing this to get his attention. If I need to talk to him, well, I can just go talk to him. Thing is, I think thanking people publicly is good practice to get into. Someone that helped me could very well be the same someone that makes a big difference for someone else – and THAT matters to me.

Travis helped me get a really healthy perspective on all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo – and I still stick to that perspective today. I think it’s really important to share that with others.

At the end of the day, it’s PEOPLE that matter – regardless of what you do online.

So, tell me – has anyone made a positive impact on YOUR internet marketing career? Someone who set you on the right path? There are LOTS of great marketers out there and many, many I have learned from and shared with. Who comes to mind first for YOU?

Let me know in the comments!

Other things to mention really quick –

Back in July, I posted about my AWeber account almost being hijacked. Today, I got another one of those dangerous emails. If you don’t know what I am talking about PLEASE go read my post about protecting your AWeber account here.

I also have another post coming soon that goes more in-depth with something I mentioned in my Google Panda Survival post. I’ll get that posted soon.

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