Why Do Some People Succeed?

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Factors Of Success

I had two events happen recently in my life that have caused me to think more about why some people succeed and others don’t. Oddly, neither of these events had ANYTHING to do with internet marketing either (yes, I have a life away from this computer…lol). However, the similarities of these two “other” things in relation to success with internet marketing has really stuck with me – and I’d like to talk about them with you.

Football and Internet Marketing

My hubby and I were out with friends this past Saturday. We were out at our favorite sports bar (owned by a dear friend of ours). At one point, my husband touched my arm and was looking towards the front door at a young man that had just walked in.

He said, “That’s Roddy White”

Ok, I’m gonna admit it, but I said, “WHO?”

My dear sweet patient husband said, “He is a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons – he went to University of Alabama at Birmingham…”

Oh, he’s a pro football player… ok.

Now, I’m not one of those people who gets all weird around famous people – and I’m far from shy. To me, people are people. So when the guys at our table started talking about Mr Roddy White, I just got up with a girlfriend of mine and we went over and talked to him.

This guy was SO NICE. He came over and sat at our table for awhile and just hung out.

I wish I had the thought to take a picture, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time. However, I DID get an autograph. Know what’s funny? All I had in my purse that was even close to good enough for an autograph were a bunch of paint samples I’ve been carrying around (plans to repaint our living room – inability to choose color).

autograph from Roddy WhiteSo, I asked Roddy to autograph a couple of my paint samples for our friends and us. There’s a picture of one of my Roddy White paint samples.

{I can’t believe I just admitted to the world that I got a famous professional football player to sign PAINT SAMPLES…sheesh!}

So anyway, the table conversation is about his goals, his accomplishments, how the Falcons are doing this season – ya know,
the normal guy talk when a pro football player is around.

Suddenly, I found myself asking Roddy a question that even
shocked me after I asked it (did I mention I’m not shy?).

I asked:

“Roddy, it sounds like you have an amazing career so far, and your future looks really bright…. What makes YOU so different from all the other kids out there that have dreams of being a pro football player? Why did YOU succeed?”

You see, I know the statistics and the odds of a high school football player making it to the pros. If you think the “odds” in the internet marketing industry are scary, you should try on pro football player odds for size.

Anyway, Roddy looks at me, and in all seriousness says,

“Hard work, luck, and talent”

“In that order?” I asked.

“Yes” he replied.

Wow, hard work… luck… and talent – in that order.

I just smiled at him and realized what a mature, honest, and responsible answer he just gave me. Super nice guy… such a pleasure to meet him.

Pro Baseball

Last night, my hubby and I went with friends to a Gwinnett Braves baseball game. Now, the Gwinnett Braves are an affiliate/minor league type team for the big-time Atlanta Braves team.

This is the last stop in “almost pro ball” that these kids play in until, hopefully, they get called up to “The Big Show”.

Now, I’m not all into baseball lingo, but the hubby explained it that the Gwinnett Braves are Triple A ball…and there are lots of minor league teams below that. Getting to play at the Gwinnett Braves level is quite an accomplishment in itself – but it’s not each players goal or idea of true success. Make sense?

Anyway, the game was great… the new stadium we have for this team is awesome… and the customer service at this field was flat-out some of the best customer service from EVERYONE we came into contact with I have ever experienced anywhere. I was quite impressed.

But again, I’m sitting there watching the game, but I’m thinking about all these kids that start out in T-ball and play ball all their lives to get to this field I am sitting at right now. What makes some of these players more successful and get called to The Big Show compared to all the other players?

Talent alone can’t be enough – but I have no doubt it helps as long as you work hard… and you’re lucky.

In the internet marketing industry, we all work hard (or should be working hard) – and we all have enough talent to do this successfully. In fact, I’d reach and say that I believe that hard work can make up for “talent” in our industry.

But is that enough to be successful?

What about “luck”?


Does it all come down to luck? If I asked you what you think “luck” is, what would you say?

I use the word “luck” all the time. I consider myself very lucky to have the husband I have. Did I just “luck out” by meeting him and marrying him?

My answer? Yes…and no.

I think luck has a HUGE part in success…but not the kind of “luck” that others might think I am referring to.

I COULD have stayed huddled up in my house and never even attempted to meet anyone… but would I still have “lucked out” and met my hubby? I don’t think so. I think it took me getting up off my bottom and interacting with people for that to happen for us.

Did I become successful with internet marketing because I am “lucky”?

Or did I create my own luck by working really hard and having some talent?

I don’t think for a second that Roddy White got lucky by sitting on the couch watching TV reruns. I DO think he worked really hard with the talent he was blessed with and continued to put himself out there – and put himself in the way of “luck”.

How many times have you heard the story of someone who is NOW famous, but talks of once being broke and unknown for years and years… working their tail off? They didn’t magically get discovered overnight – neither did these sports players.

They worked… they put themselves out there and in the way of luck…so that when the “right place at the right time” happened – they were there.

Will YOU be there? Hard work and talent are huge parts of this equation… but will you stick with it long enough to “get lucky”?

No one owes us anything in this world – you gotta get out there and go get it.

Create your own luck.

What are your thoughts?

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