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I Found Cool Stuff!

I have 3 free things I’ve come across lately and they all get the “cool beans” rating from me. One is free training, one is a free tool, and the other is a free e-course from little ol’ me =) I’ve been a busy, busy girl behind the scenes lately (yes, Under The Radar…lol), but I’ve been keeping a list of cool things to share with you whenever I got back to posting. Ok, let’s give some gifts!

Gift #1

Yep, Mothers Day is upon us again. This year is extra special for me since I am now not “just” a mom, but a grandmom, too! I know kids always struggle with the “what to get Mom” question, but I have one friend who is doing something AMAZING for his Mom – Let me tell you about it.

My friend is an internet marketer. He is going to open up a Clickbank account in his mom’s name and then make some campaigns online with her Clickbank link.

And she doesn’t know a thing about it!

In fact, she has no clue what Clickbank is! I love it!

My friend is Travis – perhaps you’ve heard of him or his BumMarketingMethod.com site? 😉

Travis-jeannie-jen-vegasTravis and his awesome wife, Jeannie are about to start something called Project Mom – and it’s totally FREE!

Now, Jeannie doesn’t do internet marketing, but she will be working along side Travis as he follows a new program to make what he calls “3-Hour Money Machines”. I believe she will be the voice of reason in this project and keep him from getting all technical on us so she, and the rest of us, can learn what he is doing.

Travis and Jeannie will be video taping every step of the way – and you can watch along, step by step, for free.

My hubby and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Travis and Jeannie in Las Vegas last month, and let me tell you, those two are good people (there’s a picture of Travis, Jeannie, and me at the WA SkyLoft last month). There is one very special thing about the way Travis works online…. I believe he is someone who completely exemplifies the concept of adding value to people’s lives. Helping them and giving them as much as humanly possible to help THEM succeed.

The truth is that is something I recognized early in my internet marketing career from Travis and I chose to follow in those footsteps because it is something that I firmly believe in, too.

I have no doubt that Project Mom is going to be awesome and I can’t wait to watch as the it all plays out. I hope you’ll join us and follow along, too.

Just go here and get signed up:

==>> http://www.bummarketingmethod.com/ProjectMom.html

It’s totally free – you don’t have to buy anything at all. This is to help YOU and to help Travis’ mom. I think I am going to get a copy of the product that Travis will be using to create the 3 hour cash machine sites for his mom with Jeannie just so I know what’s going on – but you do NOT have to buy anything at all, ok?

Watch the video there, too. It’s funny when Travis gets to talking about imagining his Mom going to the mailbox when that first surprise check comes from Clickbank – it certainly tickled me!

Gift #2

Those of you that have read One Week Marketing know that there is little FireFox add on that displays your Clickbank earnings right at the bottom of your browser window. I love that thing! However, it seems that it has been hit or miss with the FireFox updates and I had given up trying to get it to work.

Well guess what? It’s working again, and now it’s better than ever. Now, you can have up to 10 Clickbank accounts being tracked at one time – no more logging in…. yay!

Go ahead and get it – you’ll love it.

You’ll need to opt in, but that’s all. You even get a free bonus ebook that is pretty good.

Follow the instructions to install it and then go up to your browser window, click tools>>>addons and then “options” under the tool settings. In that area, just enter your clickbank id and your password for any Clickbank accounts you want to track.

Then, PRESTO, your clickbank earnings will be showing at the bottom of your screen.

Go ahead and click the download banner. It won’t start downloading on you or anything – it just goes to the info page.

Gift #3

If you are on any of my lists, you already received this, but, in case you have NOT received it, let me give it to ya now.

I have a totally free e-course online called Under The Radar. It talks about my favorite way of making passive income online – by making tiny/micro niche sites. It’s a really good read (in my humble opinion) so I hope you’ll check it out.

You can being reading here (no opt in required):

===>>> https://www.potpiegirl.com/a/Day1.html

Alrighty, back to work for me! Have a great day!

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