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Getting Keyword and Niche Ideas from

I’ve been crazy busy lately working on my husbands windshield repair business website for his new company. Exciting times for the PotPieGirl family, that’s for sure! In the process of my local search research, I found some cool stats that Alexa is now offering to those that have the Alexa toolbar installed. I’ve got a quick video to show you what I’ve found.

Using Alexa For Marketing Research

potpiegirl-certified-windshield-repair-technicianAs mentioned in my previous post, we were off to Oregon last week to become certified windshield repair technicians. Yes, I got trained and certified, too!

How could I possibly do a local search marketing campaign or create a website if I have no clue what the business is about or how repairs work? That intensive training class we went thru sure gave me a LOT of info about the industry AND I can fix a mean windshield chip now, too! That’s a picture of me getting my badge and certification =)

I’d like to send a quick thank you to the fantastic staff at Delta Kits in Eugene, Oregon. They are a top-notch company and we really appreciate your hospitality as well as the hands-on training – Thank you!

We actually got “stuck” in Eugene for almost 2 more days when our flight was over-booked and we got bumped – but that’s a story for another day….lol!

Anyway, since we’ve been back, I’ve been hard at work getting my hubby’s website created and promoted. It’s a process, but it’s coming along nicely.

While doing some market research I happened to check-in with Alexa and was surprised to find that they are now offering more stats – and these stats really help!

Here’s a quick video I made showing you what I found:

(remember, you must have the Alexa Tool Bar installed in your FireFox browser for this to work)

As you can see, this info can be really helpful whether you are doing niche research, keyword research, or local marketing research (as I was doing) – or some good old-fashioned research of your competition 😉

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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