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Yep, I did it – I just used a ’50 Shades of Grey’ Reference… feel free to slap me…lol!  It’s the cold meds.  I’ve been pushing through the cooties that’s going all around here lately (I think I have my son… or maybe my daughter.. to thank for this.  They both had it over the holidays).  Anyway – it’s been so long since I’ve posted and when I realized I had 50-million things I wanted to talk about, the “50” part got stuck in my cold med-induced brain and well, out popped the ’50 Shades of PotPieGirl’ title for this post.  Again, feel free to slap me.


First things first –

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday and rang in the New Year in good spirits and good health!

We had a wonderful holiday and New Years was fantastic – especially since our wedding anniversary is New Year’s Day  =)

That’s a picture of the hubby giving me a big ol’ wet smacker right after midnight on New Year’s Eve (which meant it was New year’s Day and our anniversary <grin>)

We managed to get all the kids, their significant others, and the grandkids all in the SAME room at the SAME time over the holidays.  Trust me, this is a major accomplishment!  We also took the time while we were all in the same vicinity to get new family pictures made.  Hopefully, they’ll be ready soon.

A big Thank You goes out to the wonderful woman and her daughter that came out to the house to take these photographs.  With ALL of us, and 2 grandchildren (3 and 1), it was challenging to get those pictures.  Crossing my fingers they turn out well – and also wishing we had video’d the making of those pictures.  I have no doubt it was a very comical scene!

I also want to share this with all you moms who also have grown children and family all over the place.  Get this – I told my grown kids to be here at x time and to be wearing x-type clothes – and they WERE.

Seriously!  They were all here not just on time, but EARLY.  Matter of fact, *I* wasn’t even ready when they got here (yes, there were some uh “mentions” of that fact…lol).  I was so impressed!  That was a great Christmas present for dear old mom.  Thank you, my children – thank you.

But since New Year’s Eve, it’s been cold meds and hot tea with honey for me.  While it hasn’t been fun, I am SO thankful I didn’t get hit with it over the holidays.  That woulda been a mess and no fun at all!  So, if I have to get the cooties, I’ll deal with it now.

So let’s talk some work stuff…

It’s a fresh new year.  I can’t believe it’s 2013, can you?  Time flies… wayyyyyy too quickly.  But, I have this warm and fuzzy feeling that 2013 is gonna be GREAT for all of us.  My birthday is February 13th (ie, 2-13) so this year it will be 2-13-2013, so that’s a good sign, right?  (go ahead and say it, “Jen, ease up on the cold meds!”  haha!)

But seriously, the new One Week Marketing Training Center is rocking along and our members are doing SO great.  I’m receiving a lot of “made my first sale!” and “I finally made money!!” feedback and that lets me KNOW that 2013 is gonna be fantastic!

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than when you make money online for FREE – and that’s what we One Week Marketers do  😉

I set up a Facebook Page for One Week Marketing and a Google+ Community as well.  I can’t tell you how much I love SEEING our members faces and talking with them.  We’re also sharing ideas and tips…and well, I, personally, am loving every minute of it.  I plan to spend some time soon learning how to use Google+ better so I can cook up some ways to make our G+ community even more interactive.  If anyone has any ideas, let me hear ’em…I’m all ears.

As these past few months have passed since my new training center has opened, I’ve realized a lot.  Next month (February 18th, to be exact) will be my 6-year anniversary for working online.  In those years I have done a LOT.  I’ve learned a lot and I’ve achieved a pretty good bit as well.  I’ve even dipped my toe into the “be more of a marketer” pond – and yes, it works.

By that I mean, folks have told me that if I would only do x,y, and z then I would see more profit, etc.  So, I tried…and they’re right – totally right.  But it felt like a….a …. well, like a foreign place for me.  More like when you’re a little girl and play dress up in your moms clothes and shoes – they just don’t fit.  Does that make sense?

I think that if I’d had a background in marketing BEFORE I came to all this make money online mumbo-jumbo, then perhaps being more “market-y” would have fit better – or at least felt like it fit.

But I didn’t have that background – or that mentality.

My background when I started this in 2007 was “Broke, Clueless and Frickin’ Tired Of It”.

And as I start into 2013 I realize that if you dust off all 50 Shades of PotPieGirl, that’s who I really am – someone who was Broke, Clueless, and Frickin’ Tired Of It and DID something about it via the power of internet marketing.

After allllll my travels online, I now know THAT is what I am meant to do – help others do the same.  THAT fits me.  That makes me happy.

I’ve read many, many times online others telling those new to internet marketing to figure out what their passion is and then use that topic to try and make money online.  I’ve never been a big fan of that advice mainly because of 2 reasons – 1) you don’t know if your passion will be profitable, and 2) when you turn your passion into your job and it DOESN’T make money, there goes that passion right out the window.  That’s sad to me.

But, if you’re new online and treat this make money online thing like your job and do what you need to do to make that money, well, I think that you end up learning a lot, trying a lot of different things, playing in a lot of various niches – and doing the most important part of a job: making money to pay the bills.

We have jobs to pay the bills, right?  For most of us, that is WHY we looked towards internet marketing…as a way to pay our bills.

But once we figure out how to use the internet to get our bills paid, we then have almost “earned” the right to stop and think, “OK, what do I LOVE about working online?” – and then we get to DO that.

It’s like a timing thing – something you work towards.  And heck, I can’t remember EVER being hired for a “real” job and my new boss telling me to just go do whatever interests me…. have you?

That’s why the whole “just make a site around your passion” advice bothers me.  No, I do not think that is good advice (in the majority of cases).  I think you DO “just go do what’s gonna make money THEN we’ll talk about your passions and what you WANT to do”.

Am I off my rocker?  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the comments area.

As for 2013 goals and planning – still working on it here.  I have some ideas and also want to close out 2012 to see where I can improve and all that fun stuff.  I have a list of new training and things I want to add to the One Week Marketing Training Center (I gotta say, I LOVE having a private place online where I can share all that stuff!) – I’m also cooking up some other things as well.

Have you made specific goals for 2013?  I’d love to hear them!  Tell me about your holidays as well – we don’t HAVE to be all business ’round here  🙂


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