Hey Affiliate Marketers – What’s Your Job?

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I was going to save the content from this post and have it in my One Week Marketing Training Center for my members only, but I thought, “This is something we all need to talk about” – so here it is.  I’m sure this will bring mixed feelings – and I’m good with that.  Different opinions make for good conversation.  So let’s get into it…

If you are an affiliate marketer, I’d like to ask you this question:

What is your job?

Think about it for a moment.  Think back to when you had a “real” job – that might have been years ago or maybe you still have a “real” job as well as your affiliate marketing business.

When you’re hired for a job, there are certain expectations of you, right?  Certain things you are expected to accomplish?

So now that you have taken up affiliate marketing, what’s your job?

I know the immediate answer:  To Make Money.

And that’s a great goal (or in my case when I first started: a great hope….lol!), but that’s not your job, is it?

As an affiliate marketer, this is your job description:

1. Gather targeted traffic

2. Get them to the sales page.

At the point they get to the sales page, there’s not a whole lot you can do about making the sale anymore.  That’s why a ‘sales page’ is called just that – because it is designed to SELL.

Sure, you can “pre-sell” or warm them up to the sale, but affiliate marketers aren’t really about making the sale.  They ARE about getting people TO the sales page.

One of the biggest things I stress to my One Week Marketing members is CTR (Click Through Rate).  In other words, of all the traffic to your web page, what percent click through your affiliate link to the sales page?

Over in One Week Marketing, we use free web pages – and most of us are working Amazon products – but it’s still the same concept.   Getting traffic TO your web page is all great and good, but if a very low percent of them click through your affiliate link – did you do your job?

I work to help my members to aim for a 50% CTR on free pages (like Squidoo pages) – and that is TOTALLY do-able.  Actually, it’s not just “do-able”, it’s very realistic.

People are LOOKING online for things – and they are BIG TIME impatient.  If they don’t see what they want – and something to click – they’re outta there and back to the Google search results.

No, they probably won’t scroll to find that random link or 2 that was put down at the bottom of the page.  They are going to LOOK and if something doesn’t catch their eye (and their mouse) in a few seconds, they’re gone.

Put something interesting front and center as soon as your page loads with no scrolling needed – something that entices them to click (and no, not a bunch of CLICK HERE!! CLICK HERE!!!).

If you see in your stats, that some lonely link you have wayyyyyy down at the bottom is getting some attention – move it to the top.

Make it EASY for your page viewers to help you do your job.

They WANT to click  – they WANT to find what they’re LOOKING for.

Giving that to them is your job.  No apologies.

I am an affiliate marketer.  That is my job.  No apologies.



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