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Today I’ve been testing a VERY handy – and EFFECTIVE – new Facebook tool that is BRILLIANT for helping us all get MORE free traffic from Facebook.

If you want MORE free traffic from Facebook, let me show a super simple way to get it.

If you’re in a hurry…

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How to share BIG clickable images on Facebook - it's soooo easy! Here's how I do it.It’s no secret that I LOVE all the free traffic I get from Pinterest – but when it comes to FACEBOOK traffic, well… not so much.

There’s always been a BIG problem with getting lots of free traffic from Facebook… let me explain:

Do you know WHY Pinterest works so well to bring free traffic to your site?

It’s a simple reason: People LOVE to click PICTURES

The pictures on Pinterest are big and eye-catching, right?

And if you know how to use Pinterest like I use it, you KNOW that it works to bring a crazy amount of free traffic to your site.

But Facebook doesn’t work that way…

When you share a link on Facebook, it looks like this.

And yes, the image is “clickable”, but it’s not a BIG eye-catching image.

And sure, that works “fine“, but not NEARLY as well as if the image was a BIG image.

The problem with sharing BIG images on Facebook is:

When you share an big image on Facebook, people instinctively click the picture, right?

And what happens when people click a BIG image on Facebook?

they they get to see an even BIGGER version of that same picture.

What a WASTE of clicks and traffic, don’t you agree?

I’ve never understood why Facebook does that – probably because Facebook really doesn’t WANT users to click AWAY from Facebook.

What If There Was an EASY Way To Change That?

What if there was a super simple way to share big images and pictures (and gifs) on Facebook that, when clicked, went to any web page you wanted it to go to?

Today I’ve been testing this new tool that does just that.

It solves a BIG problem, but in a very simple, and easy-to-use way.

What does it do?

It lets you share BIG “clickable” images on Facebook.

Meaning, when people click your BIG image, they go to a web page of your choosing instead of just seeing an even bigger version of that picture.

==> See how it works here

(it’s brilliant!)

For example, take a look at this picture I just shared on my PotPieGirl Facebook Page:

(note: see what happens when you CLICK the image)

It all comes down to $16.44 a day… and YES! YOU can do this too! It's all in how you set up your blog posts…..

Posted by PotPieGirl on Monday, June 12, 2017

Cool, right?

and it works SO very well to get more free traffic from Facebook.

Let Me Show You How To Do It

First, log into the Facebook image tool

Then, watch my quick 2-minute demo video (it’s SO easy!)

=> Try the Facebook Image Tool Here

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Isn’t that awesome!

This is how my Big “clickable” Facebook image post turned out:

(in hindsight, next time I’ll make sure my “Call To Action” is a bit higher up on the image)

See how easy that was to do?

Use coupon code: LC5off

Have fun with it!


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