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Lil’ Miss PotPieGirl has been really busy lately. I’ve been hiding in a secret community… learning and helping..and it has been a BLAST! There is nothing like being surrounded by folks who are doing exactly what you are doing – at all different levels – within a community that has everything you need to make some major bucks online. I can’t wait to tell you about it. But first, take a look at my first attempt into the video world. The original and official PotPieGirl.com Video!

PotPieGirl Hits YouTube

Take a look at THIS! If you can’t see it, here is the direct url:

Pretty cool, huh? Now, don’t get all picking on me, either. This was my first attempt at all this video-making stuff. Being the NON-techy I am, I am quite tickled that I even got THAT video to resemble something like a video! haha!

I have been terrified….ok, maybe just intimidated by making videos. The ol’ fear of the unknown! I found a great little service that makes is SO simple to do. You simply choose images off your computer, drag and drop them in order…. pick some music that they offer…and add some description and all…. then PRESTO, they make a video for you. Don’t like it, or want to see it different? Click remix…. easy, easy, easy. I love it!

You can make all the short videos you want for free (20 seconds or so) – and with a click of a button, they upload it to YouTube. Now my PotPieGirl.com video up above is a full-length video (tho I didn’t take advantage of all the time I had available). To be able to make these, you have to pay.

It is a whopping $30 a YEAR to make all the full-length videos you want! And, with my little coupon code you can get an additional $5 off – meaning it cost $2.08 a month to make all the videos you want! Cool, huh?

Site is: Animoto

Coupon Code is: mpyncwfa

Check it out… it really rocks!

OK, PotPieGirl, Where Have You Been?

Let’s start with some background. For the last year or so, I have had numerous folks ask me to set up a mentor program or a paid forum…or even my own guide to all this. While this is HIGHLY complimentary, it also makes me feel even more ‘responsible’ for the things I say and recommend. I also know that I already need about 28 hours in a day to accomplish the things I already have on my plate. Trying to personally teach others via a paid service on my own would be unfair to those I am teaching if I don’t have the time that each deserves I spend on it.

I don’t want to get bigger, as in, get a staff… I want PotPieGirl.com to be…well, I want it to BE PotPieGirl =)

So, I set out on a mission about a month or so ago. I was looking for a high-quality place that I can go to help and learn…. and where I can invite others to join me so I CAN give a little bit more of a personal touch to my help…and in a safe environment.

Before I went on vacation, I found a place. I emailed and asked around and ALL that before I did anything towards joining. I took all that information I had collected, tucked it in my ‘back pocket’ and took it with me to mull over while on vacation.

How I Make Decisions

See that picture right there? That is me and our youngest sitting at the oceans edge while on vacation. I was totally unaware of a picture being taken (obviously…lol). I was deep in thought and made a very big decision right there…right then. (I think the 4 year old was making a big decision, too. Should she stay at the beach with me… or go to the pool with the ‘big girls’…lol)

Turns out, the ‘big girls’ were not far behind us. My son’s girlfriend had her cell phone…and took that picture. She didn’t show it to me until a few days later as we were riding in the car, BUT…. she captured one of those pivotal moments in my life.

I decided that it was time to put my money where my mouth is. It was time for me to surround myself with others that were learning, doing, AND those making a killing. It was time for me to be able to bounce ideas off others WITHOUT fear of just any ol’ body reading it (or capitalizing from it ::cough cough:: free forums ::cough cough::). I also just plain decided it was time for me to move forward and learn how to tie all this together…and improve it.

So, I joined the community. I decided to give it the ol “PotPieGirl” quality test… and keep it to myself. I didn’t want anyone to join just because I was there… I wanted them to join because it is a GOOD place for them to be.

Turns out, it is not just a GOOD place for those trying to make money online to be… it is a GREAT place to be! It is a private community meaning you are surrounded by only those that are learning – doing – or really kickin it with online marketing. There are lots of ‘newbies’…lots of ‘intermediates’ (like me)…and lots of BIG online money-makers in there, too. For me, this means I can help, I can relate, and I can learn.

And I have been doing ALL of that. My goodness, some of my best advice and best tutorials have been given out in there! Why? Because it is safe. Google is NOT in there. Those that do not take their online business seriously are NOT in there. I am free to just talk. And I love that!

There are also more free tools and free learning guides than you could ever need. There is an 8-part training program that is especially designed for those that are new to internet marketing. There are free keyword tools and article writing tools and keyword list generators and link cloakers/trackers….and a free web site maker (AND you can get free websites AND free hosting)!

There is SO much! All I keep thinking is, “Where the heck was this when *I* was trying to learn about online marketing???”

Anyway… I am VERY excited about all this. I wanted you, my blog readers, to hear about this from ME first because you will see me talking about this community all over the internet soon (You know how I get when I am super impressed with something… hahaa!).

Ok, Cut To The Chase – Where? And How Much?

How much does this online marketing community cost? Oh, about $1 – $1.25 a day.

Yes, that is it. And NO – there is no ‘have to buy’ products on the inside, nor are products shoved down your throat within the community or via email or any of that. It is a learning community, it is a sharing community…it is a helping community. Period.

What’s The Catch?

The catch? There IS no “catch”. You sign up, you check it out. If you don’t like it, you cancel. Seriously. No strings attached.

I enthusiastically and emphatically invite each and every one of you to come on in and join this community with me. I’ll skip the big red letters and the bold headline of “If you’re serious about making money online…” or whatever the hot headline is nowadays….

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Join me and oh, about 16,000 other folks just like you….and just like me.

Want to learn more about it? Good! I’m all about making educated decisions for YOURSELF. Go to the Wealthy Affiliate information page. Read what all is offered and included. Let Kyle and Carson send you the free guide and info brochure (its really good, and they will NOT bombard you with crap email afterwards). These two boys are the real deal. Wealthy Affiliate is a learning community…not some fancy and overblown attempt at building a list.

Guess who else is inside with me? You know Travis – Mr Bum Marketing? Yup, he is in there sharing some unbelievable tips for making article marketing (and beyond) work. Guess who else just joined? Karl – The Squidoo Cash Machine guy. Folks in Wealthy Affiliate LOVE Squidoo and we do a LOT of talking about making lenses more profitable.

We’re all just hanging out, learning, bouncing ideas around… and earning money =)

I love it!

So, check it out…. its ok to look =)

But please, please, please….if you join Wealthy Affiliate thru my invitation, PLEASE let me know. I like to keep tabs on ‘my’ people and I am also working on some sort of cool bonus for my folks who have proof of membership thru me (a copy of your paypal receipt works just fine).

Just use my contact form up top… send me an email….find me in the Wealthy Affiliate forum…or leave a message on my WA Profile Page… whatever….just let me know.

Ok, I am done rambling for the day! Hope everyone has a great day – and if you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, just give me a shout!

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