Monetizing with PPP Audio Ads – To PPP or Not to PPP?

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PPP, or Pay Per Play, Audio Ads are all the talk lately. Yes, I am one of the ones doing a lot of the talking about monetizing web sites with audio ads. I think PPP audio ads are an interesting concept, and for niche site owners like myself, they can be a good solution for sites that are hard to monetize/convert.

I use PPC on most of my niche sites. The Google AdSense program has been good to me and my earnings thru the AdSense program have been on a steady increase the past few months (with a little help ::wink wink::: ) This makes for a nice additional income stream.

What are PPP Audio Ads?

In essence, PPP audio ads are short 5-second audio ads that your visitors hear when they visit your site. These audio ads start automatically, they take up no real estate on your site, and the user has to do absolutely nothing for you to get paid.

Yes, you get paid with PPP ads for 100% of your web traffic.

100% Free Opportunity
Paid Weekly
Earn off of your own website(s)
Earn by referring others
Limited Opportunity
Breakthrough technology
Massive Residual Income

Ok, sounds good, right?

What Kind of PPP Ads Will My Visitors Hear?

PPP claims that they have ‘big name’ advertisers on board. Advertisers such as Taco Bell and Harley Davidson.

PPP is a way for advertisers (Like Harley Davidson or Taco Bell) to serve a 5 second audio advertisement to website visitors. It is a way for advertisers to target their 5 second audio ad to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations.

Big TV’s ad revenue is dwindling because PPP offers advertisers a more cost effective advertising solution that has been providing positive Return on Investment (ROI) for over 2 years. PPP offers advertisers a way to reach their target audience and is the only form of media whose impressions and ad placements are verified by an independent 3rd party.

NetAudioAds™ PPP is not new, it has been running for 2 ½ years, has over 66,000 advertisers and over 550,000 websites that serve PPP ads to their visitors.

The 550,000+ websites that currently serve these ads are responsible for up to 43 million streams (impressions) of advertisers’ 5 second audio ads on a monthly basis.

PPP Compensation Plan

Ok, let’s talk money. With the PPP Audio Ads compensation plan, you will be paid:

  • 25% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).

  • 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) of those you refer.

  • 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) that your direct referrals bring on board.

Here is a good short video to better illustrate how the PPP compensation plan works, and examples of how much a participant could earn.

Nice compensation plan…paid weekly…. free to participate in.

PPP Advertising – The Cons

First off, this site monetization program is new. While many of us participating have already installed the code into our websites, the actual audio ads won’t run until February 1st. So yes, this is a new venture, basically unknown. Will it succeed? Will it flop on its face?

Naturally, there are the ones that are all gung-ho over this opportunity. Starting a downline with a brand new system such as this IS exciting. Heck, imagine being one of the first involved with AdSense… woooooooweeeeee!

And of course, we also have our skeptics. I came across this blog post that has this (and plenty more) to say:

No serious internet marketer is going to take the time to SEO a site for top search terms to deliver traffic to an advertising platform using offensive, intrusive advertising as a source of monetization it will offend surfers and cause them to bounce from the site. Taking away the real benefit of their SEO work and sites purpose of selling their own product, building a reader base or higher revenue affiliate conversions.

Fair enough. This blogger also went on to voice doubt over the reality of such a strong advertiser base that the PPP system claims to have and closes out the post with this:

With the combination of manipulative claims, Voice2Page’s insincerity with prior affiliates and turning website visitors away with the automatic audio plays a snowball in hell has a better chance of surviving than this one replacing Google Adsense or living up to the claims made by PPP.

Now, I am not picking on, nor am I singling out, this blog owner in anyway. He makes some valid points that I thought were worth sharing with y’all so you know ALL sides of PPP Audio Ads. Please take a moment to read his post here (it will open in a new window).

PPP vs AdSense PPC Ads

Currently you can use PPP ads on sites that you already have monetized with AdSense PPC ads so there is not a choice to be made, one OR the other. As for my personal opinion of PPP ads, well my first answer is, “Why not try it?”. I’ve tried so many other programs that didn’t work out for ME. I don’t see experimentation as a failure – I see it as smart business. So, I will – and I HAVE – added PPP audio ads to some of my niche sites.

Are PPP Ads Intrusive or Obnoxious?

Personally, I don’t think so. We’re talking a 5 second audio ad. I have come across banner ads and what-not that have TOTALLY irritated me. Experimenting with a 5 second audio ad doesn’t bother me. If it seems to bother my viewers, I will turn them off.

I have sites that are geared towards the younger crowd (ie, they don’t buy squat). These sites get a ton of traffic, but AdSense clicks are ok quantity-wise, but what I make per click is pretty sad.

It is niche sites like this that make PPP audio ads more attractive for me. Since it is against AdSense TOS to post my actual earnings per click and CTR (click thru ratio) stats, lets take a hypothetical poor-earning Adsense site.

Let’s say I have a niche site that is monetized with AdSense. The site gets 100 visitors a day and enjoys a whopping 20% CTR (click thru rate). Lets also say that each click earns me a massive 5 cents per click. That would be 20 clicks per day at 5 cents each meaning I earn $1 a day with AdSense on that niche site.

Now, if I add PPP audio ads to this same site and earn even only 2 cents per play, that would be an additional $2 per day for that site ( you get paid for each visitor – not each click). Since I can keep my AdSense, too, that same niche site would now be earning me $3 a day ( $90 a month) as opposed to $30 a month.

Not only that, but what if I have 4 site owners in my 2nd level downline, and they each have the same web stats as my niche site. I would also earn an additional 5% of their earnings each day, too. Not much, but its that little bit extra that could really add up and make a difference for me.

Based on that theory, PPP audio ads are definitely a site monetization option I want to experiment with.

To PPP or NOT to PPP

Each website owner will have to make his/her own judgement call on PPP audio ads on their site(s). As to whether the program will fall flat on its face or not – well, if PPP ads are planning to pay site owners every week, it shouldn’t take long to find out, should it?

I encourage each of you to take a look at PPP audio ads and make an informed decision for your online business. What’s the old saying?

“If only people jumped at opportunities as fast as they jumped to conclusions”

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