Squidoo Cash Machine ROCKS – Last Day At Pre-Launch Rate

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I am having a ball making my new Squidoo Cash Machine lenses. I don’t care who you are – making money online is FUN! I still get such a rush whenever one of my lenses makes a sale, so you can imagine I have been bouncing all over lately with this rush of sales from my new lenses! SIX sales in FOUR days… and I sold more today! While SquidooCashMachine.com is great for affiliate marketing with Squidoo and Clickbank, it also works for any affiliate program you wish to work with. My choice is Clickbank… love them commissions!

Pre-Launch Price for Squidoo Cash Machine Ends Today

I received an email from Karl, the author, reminding me that today is the last day for the special pre-launch rate for Squidoo Cash Machine. So, if you are on the fence about it, you just might want to make up your mind today =)

Karl and I have been talking about somehow being about to offer a special rate to my readers. I don’t know how this will work, if this will work, or when this might happen BUT if/when it does, I will let y’all know.

I sure hope we can work something out, but I can’t promise anything. Karl and I are doing the best we can.

My Continued Success From Squidoo Cash Machine

I started out with eight lenses, and as I mentioned in my Squidoo Cash Machine results post, I added a ninth lens on the 26th. All lenses are still doing VERY well.

Here are the stats on my dashboard for the first four days:

Squidoo Cash Machine Lenses at FOUR DAYS old

All the lenses started off GREAT!

And here are the stats from my dashboard today

Squidoo Cash Machine Lenses at SIX DAYS old

As you can see, I haven’t touched the lenses. Traffic is definitely improving! Sales are steady, too…very steady. I might throw a few articles at them via ezinearticles here sometime soon (in my spare time..haha!), but other than that, I think I will let that bunch work for ME for a while!

I may not have employees that work for me, but I love having WEB PAGES that work for me =)

Next mission to take a few more techniques from Squidoo Cash Machine and put them to work on another account. Tomorrow is my daughters 17th birthday, so it is family time now. OK, time for Mom to shop if I’m going to be completely honest…lol

If you think you even MIGHT want Squidoo Cash Machine, go ahead and get it, then email me for your bonus tips. Hopefully, I will be able to post that my readers will continue to get a discount, but I won’t know that for sure until/if the details get worked out.

Hope everyone has a great day! Keep making lenses… Keep making sales!

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