Dear Mr Squidoo Cash Machine – PLEASE Don’t Raise The Price!

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Ok, this is TOTALLY out of the ordinary, but I feel obligated and compelled to do this. You all know how thrilled I am with Squidoo Cash Machine, right? How could you NOT know? I’ve been rambling about it for quite a few posts now, all over the internet, and even on a Squidoo Cash Machine lens …hahhaaha! Wait til you see my Clickbank screen shots! Anyway, the price is supposed to be raised today as the product comes out of early launch. I don’t want it to be raised. I think it is TOO important that this information be obtainable within a reasonable cost for ALL lensmasters. So, I am drafting this open letter to Karl… Mr Squidoo Cash Machine himself.

Clickbank Sales With Squidoo From

I am not a big fan of all those guru-like screen shots of all their accounts that seem to be over-flowing with money. Heck, I stink at graphics, but I THINK even I could dress one up somehow. (Maybe…. I am really bad with graphics…haha!)

Thing is, people want to SEE proof. They want to SEE results. So, I fumbled my way around this morning to take some screen shots of my Clickbank account for the product my Squidoo Cash Machine lenses are promoting.

Yes, I am going to let you see in my Clickbank account (but just for ONE product…haha!)

I took these screenshots this morning of my Clickbank account (7-29-2008)

Ten sales.. of ONE Clickbank product. Just ONE of these set-ups making just ONE sale a day could get someone half way to making $50 a day online. And this was achieved from about 4 hours work… and what if I chose a product with a higher commission? Nice!

Here is my Squidoo Dashboard stats today. As you can see, I haven’t touched these lenses (see last edit date). For a detailed history of the last few days of these lenses read this post.

They are progressing SO nicely… and I’m not doing anything else to them!

I really think that if someone is trying to make money with affiliate marketing…and is using Squidoo as a method to MAKE that money online…..they need to read this Squidoo guide.

If they don’t, they are leaving money on the table.

Karl, PLEASE Don’t Raise The Price Of Squidoo Cash Machine!

While this is great information to learn how to make money (or MORE money) on Squidoo with affiliate marketing, this is also valuable information that needs to be shared.

You see, if others learn how to make quality and traffic-pulling marketing lenses on Squidoo, it will improve the Squidoo site as a whole and make it even better. If the site gets better, we ALL benefit.

Pre-selling via a Squidoo page is somewhat of an art. You can’t just say, “Buy This!” or throw banners up all over the page.

Pre-selling is not about selling. It is about giving quality information and leading to more information. Squidoo Cash Machine teaches you how to do that properly.

However, I am afraid that if the price is raised, that this information will be taken out of reach of folks that need it. And not just any ol’ “folks”…. MY readers.

Karl, I know we talked about finding a way to continue to give my readers the early launch rate. But we just couldn’t find a way that worked with the system and didn’t mess everything up. I understand that.

But now I am going to BEG you to please, Please, PLEASE keep the current rate for as long as you possibly can. Squidoo Cash Machine has only been available for a week…can we give it more time at this rate?

I noticed that as of right now, the rate has not changed (thank goodness!) – perhaps we can keep it that way for a bit longer?


This could be the way some of my readers finally get to making steady money online…. Readers…. Add Your Two Cents!

Ok, folks, if you have something to add…comments to make…questions for Karl…. Or, even if you want to beg him, too…

Go for it!

(Note: Don’t forget that if you get Squidoo Cash Machine thru me, to email me and I will send you my personal ten Squidoo bonus tips. You can use the contact form up top. Please give me your name so I can verify.

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