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For those that have asked, I just added a .pdf file of all stats for my five Squidoo lenses for sale. These 5 Squidoo pages are all in the weight-loss niche and are doing well. The primary lens has really taken off in just 3 weeks time! It ALREADY has an over-all lensrank of #1025!!!!! And also is #63 in the Health & Medicine category.

In a hurry? Download the stats for the 5 weight-loss Squidoo lenses for sale here.

I plan to keep these 5 lenses for sale until either a) they are adopted by a new owner, or b) the next Google Page Rank update. I anticipate these 5 lenses to do pretty well and offer me not only an additional stream of income, but also some powerful backlinks for my own weight-loss niche site.

If your looking for older, more established lenses for sale individually, be sure to check out my birthday bash Squidoo lens sale. Some of these lenses have a Page Rank of 3!

On another note….

Happy Anniversary to ME!

One year ago today, I tried my hand at something new. Something so crazy…. an idea that seemed totally out of reach. I made my first web site and tried this whole ‘make money online’ thing. Yes, “only” one year ago.

It was absolutely, positively the BEST thing I ever did for myself….for my family… for our future.

Think about where you were one year ago today. Where will you be one year from today?

If what you’re doing today – how you’re living today – is probably the same thing you’ll be doing a year from now… and if you’re not satisfied…… why not try something new?

“We remain the same until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change….”

One year ago, I made a decision to NOT remain the same. I chose the pain of change… and chose to face my FEAR of change… and ran face first into a solid brick wall of a whole lot of unknowns. Yes, it IS scary…and intimidating…. but it is also so LIBERATING.

Like many of you, we have kids. Four of ’em ranging from 3 to 19. Not only do they eat (a lot!) and need clothes and the doctor occasionally, but they also want wii’s, barbies, and cell phones and cars…oh, and also this silly little thing called ‘college’ =) When you live paycheck to paycheck it is really hard to think big and think beyond just paying the bills, isn’t it? The only way out is to not only own your past and what got you here, but to also find a way to own your FUTURE.

I wanted a different future for us. I wanted to NOT have a family that danced around two parents careers that were AWAY from home….just to make ends meet. And let’s be honest, with an economy like the one we are headed for (or heck, one we are already IN), who has a job that is secure? Scary stuff.

Thankfully, I was blessed and I am one of the ‘lucky ones’. I throw the word ‘luck’ out there like this past year has been easy. It has not been easy. I busted my a$$ 12 hours a day…sometimes more… right in front of this computer. I worked hard to be right here today.

However, I am so blessed. Blessed with a husband who believed in me and my pea-brained idea enough to give me this year when all he really saw most days was the back of my head at a computer. That man is my hero.. Lord knows, I wouldn’t have been HALF as good about it as he was…lol!

We are also so blessed to have everything we need…and a lot of what we want. Now, we also have a new option for our future. No matter where life takes us, my business can go, too. I am truly excited to see what the NEXT year brings. I have many cool things in the works!

To those of you that have ‘followed’ me the past year… THANK YOU! If there is anything I can do for you, ask me…I’ll do whatever I can to help you along.

My parting words are this. Start an online business. Do it. Now. The tax deductions alone are worth it… but the potential in it could change your life.

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