How I Use PLR Articles (pre-written blog posts and reviews)

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PLR content (pre-written blog posts, articles, and product reviews) are one of my favorite things for my “niche” sites – it sure makes getting new content on those sites SUPER easy and saves me a lot of time when my content is already written!

So what IS PLR content? How do I use these pre-written blog posts and articles?

Let’s jump into my PLR Tips and Tricks, and a VIDEO, in the post below.

How I use prewritten PLR articles as Blog posts

What Is PLR Content?

PLR content is pre-written content that someone else has written but you are allowed to copy/paste it into your site, edit it, and publish it as your own.

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ which basically means you get all rights to use the content as you choose.

PLR can be blog posts, product reviews, ebooks, opt-in guides, etc etc.

Personally, I LOVE PLR Pre-Written Article Packs.

These are packs of pre-written articles on a particular topic – I buy this type of PLR all the time.


Because TIME is one thing that never seems to be enough of when you’re a one-man (or one-woman) online content marketer.

We always need more content, but lack the TIME to create all we need on our own.

I’m all about using my time wisely.

Work smarter – NOT harder, right?

Good quote about time

What Do I Use PLR Content For?

While I don’t use any PLR content here on, I do use PLR prewritten articles and blog posts all the time on my many “niche” sites.

My favorite type of PLR prewritten blog posts?

Any content that is on a topic that Pinterest users LOVE – like these blog post topics.

Blog posts on those topics do very well with Pinterest – some of the easiest traffic to get (and we all know I L-O-V-E the traffic I get from Pinterest!)

How To Use PLR Prewritten Articles

Naturally, I don’t use PLR the same way many others use it.

It seems that most PLR customers just copy the prewritten article, paste it into a new blog post, publish it, and call it a day.

No No No Noooooo – don’t do that.

You don’t want to have the exact same blog post content as anyone else – so make it yours. Make it unique with your own angle.

It’s not hard to do at all…

The first thing you want to do is find a focus keyword that YOU can rank for.

I use this keyword tool – it’s my favorite… and I have a nifty little trick for using that keyword tool to find low-competition keywords I can edit my PLR to rank for.

My trick works like a charm – but this keyword tool is the only one that does my “trick”.

Have you ever tried my favorite keyword tool?

If not, you can try it for free right here, right now =)

Just type one of your keywords into the search box below….

(hint: you want to use the keywords that have a GREEN light next to them)

So, yes, you are going to edit and dress up your prewritten PLR blog posts.

How To Use PLR – 10 Steps

  1. Find a low-competition focus keyword
  2. Find a few other related keywords that are also low-competition
  3. Edit your article and use those keywords
  4. Use Sub-headings in your articles
  5. Include your keywords in your sub-headings
  6. Add Images, Embed YouTube videos, etc to “dress it up”
  7. Monetize (I have an easy way of doing that as well)
  8. Write a unique opening paragraph (I write it last)
  9. Publish your post
  10. Do your normal blog promotion for your new post

That’s it.

While that might sound like a lot, it’s really not that difficult at all.

And I do it FAST – I have the whole “use PLR for profitable blog posts” thing down pat =)

Using PLR is a LOT easier than starting a new blog post from scratch – without any idea what to write about…and then having to completely research AND write it.

PLR content is less work and saves a lot of time.

What about duplicate content penalties when you're using PLR content for your blog posts?  Here's the answer.

Won’t PLR Content Cause a Duplicate Content Penalty?

Short answer? No.

If you tweak your PLR pre-written content the way I show you, things will be just fine.

Remember, a true “duplicate content” penalty is when the EXACT same content is found on multiple pages on the SAME domain – not when the EXACT same content is found on multiple domains.

But aside from all that, I have a handy free WordPress plugin I use that helps me avoid any potential issues (I’ll share that with you inside my PLR Tips and Tricks).

My Personal Way of Using Prewritten PLR Content

I have my own unique way of using PLR blog posts, articles, and product reviews… AND I have my own personal steps for what I do AFTER I click “publish”.

Would you like to watch over my shoulder as I take a prewritten PLR article and turn it into a beautiful and effective blog post?

Would you like to know the things I do to promote my new posts AFTER I click publish?

Would you like to know what I do to improve my posts after each week (or each month or whenever I have time to do it)?

Here’s how you can watch and learn how I do ALL those things – from opening up a prewritten PLR article, to publish, to promotion, to improvement.

I have put all of that together into some awesome training called “PotPieGirl’s PLR Tips and Tricks”.

Over 1.5 hours of over-my-shoulder video training, tips, the tools I use, and a pdf list of what I do AFTER I click publish.

Want In?

This PLR Tips n’ Tricks Training was originally a Bonus Course for a special offer that went out to my readers.

But due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I have opened my PLR Tips n’ Tricks training up to make it available for everyone.

How I Use PLR Video Walk-Thru

What’s Inside My Personal PLR Training?

Inside my PLR Tips and Tricks Training Course, you will get:

– Video #1 is 25 minutes of “over my shoulder” video training letting you peek behind the curtain and watch me use a prewritten PLR article from start to finish.

I’ve been told many times that this “over my shoulder” video was THE “A-Ha!” moment that made it all click.

– My keyword research “trick” (you’ll like this!) – video 1

– Another free tool I use for more low-competition keywords

– The nifty trick I do AFTER publishing to be sure my post is laser-focused – video 1

– My Cheatsheet for what I do AFTER I click “publish”

– How to avoid any “duplicate content” issues

– Backlinks – yep, how I personally get very powerful backlinks to my new blog posts (easy and fast!) – video 2

– Super fast and effective post monetization – my “Magic Plugin” for monetizing my posts super quickly – and they look great, too – video 3

– My Post Improvement Technique – a very handy and efficient way I find what my posts are ranking for and easily see where I can boost my rankings.

– Your action steps going forward

– and lots more video training and PLR Tips n’ Tricks

This PLR Tips and Tricks is one solid training program that will take you from “What the heck do I DO with this PLR?” to – “I’m a PLR Rock Star!”

Here’s how YOU can get my PLR Tips n’ Tricks Training

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Show Me What Else Works Now

Have a great day!


How to find pre-written blog posts for your blog (and how to use them)

Where Can You Find Good Prewritten PLR Articles?

I’m adding this section in because many of you have asked me WHERE to find good prewritten PLR articles to use for their site based on their site topic (or “niche”).

There are lots of really good places to buy high-quality PLR articles to use on our sites.

Let’s see how many I can come up with to help you find the perfect PLR for you.

(note: all links *SHOULD* open in a new tab/window so you don’t lose your place)

This site here has a LOT of articles on topics that Pinterest users love.

There is also this fitness PLR pack that has a PLR product you can sell (it’s on a “trendy” fitness topic).

There’s also this MEGA PLR content pack in the Fitness niche that is more “evergreen” and should fit nicely on any blog that covers fitness/healthy living/etc.

These PLR articles in “embarrassing niches” are really unique and well-written.

And I love these prewritten PLR reviews of meal delivery services – such a smart niche idea!

In the “survival” niche? These prewritten PLR Survival articles and content are great.

If you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, this is a good PLR package that could work well for you.

For a unique spin, these PLR articles about teaching internet marketing to seniors is a great angle for a blog.

These PLR articles are in a GREAT niche (and there’s a bonus from me in there, too)

I really like the “angle” and concept of these PLR articles – I’ve seen people do really well online with it.

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, these PLR articles are fantastic.

Another good idea is this PLR article pack in the video game niche (great for Amazon affiliates too).

And these prewritten PLR articles in the gardening niche have a clever angle as well.

And these prewritten PLR articles in the “meal prep” niche are very good – perfect for blogs with a ‘healthy living/dieting/fitness/low-carb type of theme.

And for those in the Toy Niche... LOTS of great PLR articles to use:

This is a really good PRL packs of pre-written toy reviews

These prewritten toy review blog posts are really good – lots of popular toys that sell on Amazon like crazy.

And for prewritten PLR articles and blog posts and pdf guides on ALL kinds of topics…

=> This PLR Store has prewritten articles for just about ANY niche

She also has her own “How To Use PLR” training that is exceptional.

There is also this PLR Database that has TONS of prewritten content – these are even things you can give your list and/or SELL and keep 100% of the profitsee how that works here.

Whew! That took a while to put together!

As you can see, PLR is BIG BUSINESS.

In fact, writing and selling your OWN PLR Article Packs is a great way to make money online – people are making really good money by writing articles once, and selling them over and over.

Kinda smart, isn’t it?

Starting a PLR business isn’t that hard – you can learn how to sell your own PLR content here. It’s a really good online business idea.

How to use those PLR articles? Here’s my video talking about how I use PLR.

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