5 Steps To Make $200 a Day Online

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Question: How to make 200 dollars a DAY online?

Is it possible?

Oh YES, it’s VERY possible… here’s how *I* did it…

$200 a day – sure would be nice to make that kind of money online, wouldn’t it? I know for myself, as with a lot of people, that kind of income made from home can really be… well, it can be life changing.

This blogger makes over $50,000 a MONTH with her blog! Isn’t that awesome?

Sadly, too many give up on blogging before they get there. They let their heads get filled with ideas like “easy” and “fast” and “simple” as if making money online happens overnight. While thousands of dollars won’t come your way overnight, it IS DO-ABLE. This is how I got there – and how you can get there, too.

How to Make $200 a day online (or more) - from PotPieGirl.com

How To Make $200 a Day (or more) Online

Getting to $200 a day online was a big milestone for me – everything changed.

Better yet, once you get to that earnings point, it just snowballs and all the effort you put in to getting to that 200 dollar a day milestone, builds momentum and takes on a life of it’s own… and continues to grow with virtually NO effort!

The easiest way to get to earning $200 a day online (and more) is…


Yes, start a blog!

It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s very profitable.

Blogging, when done properly, can be VERY profitable… and it’s PASSIVE income (meaning: once the work is done, your blog is out there working FOR you 24/7.

Yep, that whole “make money while you sleep” thing =)

If you’d like to learn the RIGHT way to have a very profitable blog, I’d like to recommend this SUPER helpful course.

She makes over $50,000 a MONTH from her blog!

In fact, she has ONE blog post that has earned her over $300,000.

She knows what she’s doing…and she’ll teach YOU how to do it, too.

If you are ready to finally make the money you want from your blog and you want to learn the right way to do it, check out this training.

I was VERY impressed with how thorough her advice is, yet it’s practical and very “do-able” for all bloggers.

So…. blogging, huh?

Yes, absolutely start a blog!

If you’re totally brand new, there is a great community and learning center to check out.

And, you even get a FREE blog here!

It’s a great place to start and learn how this blogging thing works.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

Ready to learn how blogging for money works?

Just pop your email in the box below:


Ever thought about having your own blog?

Just type your blog name idea into the box below and see if it’s available:

(note: if it IS available, you’ll get the blog name for free!)

So, how can you get to earning $200 a day or more online?

1. Start a Blog (this is the cheapest place to do it)

2. Learn How To Make Money Blogging (this article explains exactly how it works)

3. Learn how to get visitors TO your blog (I get THOUSANDS of visitors a month from Pinterest by doing this)

Think about it, how did YOU find this page you’re reading right now?

Perhaps from Google or Pinterest?

Perhaps from another blog?

See how easy that is?

Trust me – you NEED to start a blog!


My Five Steps To Earning $200 a Day Online (and beyond….)


Below I am going to talk about the 5 steps that took me from $0 a day online to $200 a day and more online. I know this is the part where I’m supposed to “prove” how much I make online…

First off, we all know screen shots can be a bunch of crap. Secondly, I have been sick as a dog and I’m a tad bit cranky from sinus pressure (sorry, too much information? haha!). If you read here at PotPieGirl.com enough, you already know that I take serious issue with this perceived need to flash my account earnings on the internet in order to have credibility to prove that my info is worthy. So, I’m not gonna do that whole, “I’m rich… I make money in my sleep – see all my earnings…” stuff, ok?

However, I will give this.

Here is a screenshot sample of various online earnings I’ve had from blogging (and all the things I do as PART of my blogging for money strategy):

How much does PotPieGirl make online?  If you want to learn how to make $200 a day online (or more) read this post from PotPieGirl)

Those numbers in orange in the picture about are earnings for ONE day from ONE source of blogging income.

As you can see, that is MUCH more than $200 a day =)

But that didn’t happen overnight – I had to learn HOW to MAKE it happen.

There are people that make BIG money with Amazon’s free affiliate program – it’s actually staggering just how MUCH they make. Take a look here and see how much this wonderful woman makes (and you can also see how she does it here)

How Does Being an Amazon Affiliate Work?

Being an Amazon affiliate is free. After signing up, you add special links to your web pages that link to products on Amazon and when people buy things through your special links, you make money.

Fun, right!

And it can be really easy to get to $200 – $350 a day online IF you learn the right way to do it.

There is an entire community of folks just like you learning and earning from the Amazon affiliate program together – that community is here (and it’s AWESOME!)

I have literally fallen in love with this training group

the training is exceptional and support is awesome…but best of all, the COMMUNITY is so wonderful and helpful and just a joy to be a part of.

They offer wonderful step by step detailed training that is perfect for ANY level of experience – with the community support you need.

If you’re in a hurry…

Read this blog post that details which training is right for YOU.

Otherwise, I’ll give you my two cents if you’re new.

If you are a BEGINNER – or still don’t feel like you KNOW exactly what you’re doing…or aren’t getting the results you want…

This class/training/support group is PERFECT for beginners and it WILL help you.

It will take you from beginner (or “clueless”) to having a plan, knowing how to execute that plan, and making money in a way that you can rinse and repeat and GROW.

==>>  The beginner to intermediate class is here

That course above will help you find your niche, find your keywords, teach you the right way to set up your site, and solid SEO skills.

Now, if you have the basics down, but you want to earn MORE and see better results from your efforts….

==>>  This MasterClass is exceptional and is what leads to BIG earnings

The teacher of the course, Lesley, earned CRAZY money last month…

more than many of us will earn all year…. or in multiple YEARS.

(hint:  she’s made around $70k in the last 3 MONTHS! Wowzers!)

They have so many wonderful tutorials that can guide you from beginner to making the big moo-la!

–>> Are you new to all this and want a great place to start? Start Here

–>> Experienced and want to AMP IT UP? Start Here

–>> Just Need Help with Conversions? Read This

–>> Keywords holding you back? Read This

–>> No clue how to find a niche? Read This

So… now that we have THAT out of the way….

Wait, I know what’s next…

The questions 🙂

Good! Ask Questions!!!

Q. I’m brand new to internet marketing – Will it work for me?

A. Internet marketing can work for ANYONE… well, if you have access to a computer and the internet.

I answer all other beginner questions in this post here at PotPieGirl.com


Q. What other costs are associated with those sales?

A. Other than a few bucks a month for domain names and hosting – nothing. There are no other direct costs associated to make those sales.


Ok, NOW can we move past that?

Nope…. forgot the BIG question…

How Did You Get To Earning Over $200 A Day Online?


If someone wanted me to tell them exactly what learning steps (and DOING steps) to take to get to $200 a day online, I would say this:

Before anything else – get the words “easy”, “fast”, and “simple” out of your mind. You are building a business.

You need education.
You need tools.
You need support.

But you do NOT need “pipe dreams” standing in your way. If you want to learn how to make money online starting with very little money to invest, these are the things you do. As you make money, you reinvest into your education, your tools, and your business.

Step One – Learn the Basics


If you’re on a budget, this is your best option to get started it’s one heck of a deal – and this training center is free AND you get a free website.

There are also tools you will want/need to do these things so prepare for that, too.

Tools are super important. You don’t need a LOT of tools, just a few GOOD tools.

That Sounds Like A LOT To Learn!

I bet right now you’re thinking, “Holy crap! I can’t learn all that!”

Yes you can… you absolutely can.

If you’re absolutely overwhelmed, just start right here.

The FIRST Step to $200 a Day – is STARTING

When you mix good tools with your solid skills, you can get earnings like THIS online (go ahead, click it and look – it’s awesome!)

You will also need support and a community you can count on for help and feedback. Working online can be a bit lonely at times and it can also be VERY over-whelming when you feel you are going at it all alone. Community is important as you move through this stage. It will help keep you motivated, involved, and also help you build a network of marketing peers that will be able to help you (and YOU help THEM) through-out your entire career.

I have found all of those things at Wealthy Affiliate. Beyond the endless tools, resources, and tutorials, the community there is flat out amazing.

Oh, and it’s FREE =)

Step One – Join Wealthy Affiliate for free here

Another great learning community…

There is also THIS amazing community of people all learning from the very beginning – you should join in with them. they are SUPER helpful… and FUN!

==> Join their Facebook community here


Step Two – Get a Plan Of Action


As time passes, you will find you have a lot of knowledge in-between your ears, but feel a lot lost as to what to DO with it all. It is time to begin a daily plan of action so each day you have focused goals and can see yourself being productive… AND you get to see RESULTS. This is crucial…and this is the part where 95% give up.

Whats the saying? Fail to plan and plan to fail? Something like that…lol But you need a way to put it all together using free online methods and get some money coming in. You also will want an action plan that is also a strong root system for your entire online business that you can build on.

If you’re not sure WHERE to start, read this blog post (very helpful)

Step Three- Amp Up Your Earnings and Skills


Once you have the basics down, you’ll absolutely want to continue learning ways to do better and earn more.

==>> Read this to learn how to make even MORE money online

Step Four – MORE Websites

Now create your own niche sites.

Creating your own niche sites is NOT hard – especially if you use WordPress to do it.

Don’t stress and get confused now.

This page explains what a niche site is and how they make money.

Step Five – Learn How To Get More Traffic

Yup, that’s right! When you’ve got a site that converts to sales for you, all you need is more targeted traffic to make MORE sales.

At this point, learn more ways to get free traffic to your web pages.

I’ve been using Pinterest to get GREAT free traffic to my sites, I’m really blown away by how well it works (and how easy it is).

You can see how I’m using Pinterest for traffic and sales here.

It All Fits Together

Can you see how each of these steps lead to more growth and more sales? That is the beauty of it! While you are working through those steps and learning (AND earning) you will be coming across great campaigns that YOU created that are ready for more targeted traffic. AND, you will be READY to learn how to do that!

How Long Will It Take?

That is a really tough question for me to answer. After all my own trial and error, I have isolated the steps down to these five. I know that if I had just joined Wealthy Affiliate when I was first starting out that I could’ve cut 4-5 months off the learning curve of my own painful self-education.

I didn’t have this exceptional training info for beginners available to me so I had to figure it out myself.

It took me about a year – give or take. I fumbled my way around and made my way thru all the junk and empty promises just to get to these basic five steps.

How long will it take YOU?

I have no idea. How long WILL it take you? We’re all so different – we each have different schedules – time restraints – different levels of determination. How fast do you WANT to get to $200 a day online – or more? How hard are you willing to work for it? We all know by now that no one is going to sell us the “magic system” that just hands it to us, right? (however, if there IS a magic system, please use my contact form to tell me about it! hahahahaha!)

The education you need to get to $200 a day online is right up there in those five steps. Regardless of any “hype” on the sales pages, I pinky-promise that they are all high-quality programs that I have not only read, but I USE (or I wrote it…. 😉 ).

Everything you need is there. I know they work – I’m absolutely positive that when you work these things, these things will work for you.

What Can Hold You Back?

1) Getting distracted by “shiny things” – The goal is to spend the least amount of money as possible to learn to have a profitable online business. Each time you stray off path and get distracted by the newest, latest-and-greatest super system (ie, the shiny things), you are setting yourself back.

This is the only way “shiny things” can MAKE you money – In fact, I think ALL bloggers should do this.

2) Micro-managing yourself and your web pages – I KNOW how hard it is to not pay attention to every little detail of every article or lens or blog post you make. It is also a good learning experience to see how things work, when and why things get indexed, why and how they rank, etc etc, but trust me on this…

Do not spend a large amount of your time tracking and fretting over things that are already out there in the free campaign “cooker”. If it fell out of the Google index, it will come back. You watching it will not make it happen faster (voice of experience there…haha!). Keep moving forward.

Once you have a good bit of stuff out there, you won’t have time to track every little detail. Once upon a time, I kept a spreadsheet of every single web page I had at the time (not many…about 20) and every single day, I tracked the stats on each one. What a waste of time. I could’ve been spending that time making MORE web pages.

Take one day a week and set aside stat checking time. Pop thru your campaigns, see how things are going… If your web pages aren’t making many sales, take the steps on this blog post to learn how to make sales from your web pages.

The Value Of Your Time

I am a one-woman show. Many of you are one-woman, or one-man, shows too. All we have of ultimate value is our time. The best lesson I learned was to not spend too much of my time while testing a market. Now, once it converts (ie, works for ME), then I work it to death! 🙂

It’s the 80/20 rule for this too. 20% of your campaigns will be responsible for 80% of your earnings. Keep making those campaigns and uncover all the profitable little markets you can.

So, there you have it. Five steps to $200 a day online (and then some).


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It’s VERY impressive!

How to make $200 a day blogging. Tips for Bloggers: These are the steps I took to get to earning $200 a day blogging for money.
How to make $200 a day blogging. Tips for Bloggers: These are the steps I took to get to earning $200 a day blogging for money.
the 5 steps that took me from $0 a day online to $200 a day and more blogging.
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