Google Offers ‘Show More Results’ (Video)

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Google Is Now Showing More Expanded Results From One Website

As usual, I was poking around Google last night and I cam across something I’ve never seen before on page one of the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). While Google has always offered to show more results for a website (that opens in a new Google search), this new option allows a searcher to click and expand to see more results from one website on the first page. This is cool! Watch this video and I’ll show you what I am talking about.

More Results From One Website Being Shown By Google

Ya know how when you’d search for your keyword, or just do a casual search on Google, that the first page would show only one, maybe two pages, from one website?

Well that’s all changed.

Take a look at the new Google search option:

note: It’s a little easier to see the results I am showing if you watch the video in full screen mode (its an option on the bottom right of the video player)

As I said in the video about the new expanded Google search results, I had a hard time forcing this to come up for search queries. I had to poke around and see where it came up. As you also saw in the video, just the change from the word “your” to the word “a” changed the “show more results from” expanded results option (ie, it was no longer available).

Personally I think this will not only be a great enhancement to the user experience for Google searchers, but I think this is an awesome way to offer more relevant pages from one website on the first page of Google search results.

What are your thoughts about this new Google search results option?


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