When Will My Blog Make Money?

When Will a NEW Blog Start Making $500 a Month?

Today’s Quick Tip for bloggers topic was inspired by a random question I saw asked on Facebook recently.

The general question was:

For a NEW blog, how long to earn about $500 a month or so?

Let’s dig in and take a look at earnings from my NEW blog…

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When will my blog make money?

First off, when it comes to how much you can earn blogging, NO ONE can, will, or SHOULD ever guarantee you any earnings in this business.

Remember, we are SELF-employed so our earnings are totally dependent on our own actions.

That said, I recently started a new blog that is a “niche” blog.

I happen to LOVE the “$500” a month number – to me, it’s THE perfect amount for a “first goal”!

Perhaps you’ve heard me talk about my $16.44 a day strategy, right?


Here’s some basic info about my new blog:

• The blog is NOT about “blogging” or anything like that – it’s just a blog with “mom tips” and “household tips” types of things.

• It was a brand new blog, new domain and I started a brand new Pinterest account for it (so I started at complete “zero” like all new bloggers do)

• I started the blog in August and the blog has about 40 posts or so.

• It’s a small site – it’s a side project for me that I work on in my spare time (which I don’t have much of… lol!)

The blog is monetized with Google AdSense ads and Amazon affiliate links.


So, based on that question, I decided to crunch my numbers to see how much that new little blog has earned for me each month since I started it – and when it started earning me $500 a month or more.


So here’s my break down of monthly earnings:


Month 1 –  7.80

Month 2 –  32.77

Month 3 –  38.90

Month 4 –  55.95

Month 5 –  66.39

Month 6 –  461.31

Month 7 –  521.29

Month 8 –  503.26

Month 9 –  455.40

Month 10 –  826.56


(I’m now in Month 11 and it will be it’s best month yet)


Nice jump in earnings there from Month 5 to Month 6, right??  =)

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You might notice that in Month 8 and Month 9 that my earnings took a dip – that’s because I test stuff and tried Google’s “Auto Ads” for my AdSense ads placements – and it was horrible.

As you can see in Month 10, I got those ad placements figured out for that blog and the ad income alone DOUBLED – and it’s even better THIS month.

If I didn’t test that other ad format, I would’ve easily been at a consistent $500 a month within 6 months.

In my opinion, and from my own experience, I think 6 months is a very reasonable amount of time to plan on hitting $500 a month – but ya gotta work at it… it’s doesn’t happen magically  =)

While it’s true that I did not have the same ‘learning curve’ as someone brand new to blogging would have, I also did not have the TIME since I do SO much else online.  So it kinda balances out in my mind and keeps me thinking that 6 months is a reasonable time frame and a great goal to set.

I talked more about that new blog in this case study post on my site, if you’re interested.

Have a great day!



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