How To Find Time To Blog (when you don’t HAVE time to blog)

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6 Easy Time-Saving Tips for Bloggers –


It’s that thing we only have SO much of, right?

And wow, there are already soooooo many demands on our time (kids, job, household stuff, family, friends, and uhhh: SLEEP)

So HOW do all these successful bloggers find TIME to blog?

How can YOU squeeze in time to blog when your schedule is already SO busy?

First off, I hear ya – I get it.

Been there, done that – didn’t even get a shirt haha!

If YOU are struggling to find time to blog, here 6 tips to help you get MORE done in LESS time:

Blogging Tips: How To Find Time To Blog When You Don't HAVE Time To Blog


1. Have a PLAN of action

Seriously, plan things out – and have a visual of where you’re headed with your blog.

And, be sure you break down the steps to get there into smaller easy-to-do steps and “To Do” items.

Overwhelming yourself with BIG tasks when you only have a little time will NOT work.

Remember to K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie!


Don’t HAVE a plan for your blog?

Get this blog plan – it’s free.

With a blog plan in place, you will find you waste much less time trying to simply figure out what to DO with the time you DO have.


2. Stop stressing over little details

Those little things sure can take up a BIG chunk of our time, can’t they?

Keep your mind and actions focused on doing the things that matter.

For example, spending your precious time trying to find the perfect color scheme for your blog does virtually NOTHING to help your blog grow.


Stuck on a color scheme?

Use this free tool

and then cross THAT off your list

Those little, not-so-important details can be a HUGE “time suck” – especially when you’re a NEW blogger.


3. Use Drafts

This is something I do ALL the time.

Let’s say I’m working on one blog post, but trip over a great idea for another blog post.

(believe it or not, this happens to ME all the time)

Instead of running off looking into that new idea, I will quickly take that new post idea, open up “create new post”, make the new idea that post title, and then save it as “draft” – then get back to work.

Now that new post idea is ready and waiting for me the NEXT time I have a few minutes to blog.


4. Have a basic new post format

Once you develop a basic over-all format for your new blog posts, you’ll find you can get a lot more done in the limited time you have available.

It will get to the point where you can almost SEE the post in your mind BEFORE you actually write it.


Don’t have a GOOD post format?

check out this format for posts

Don’t think your posts have to ALL look that way forever, either.

You can – and you SHOULD – go back and UPDATE your old posts.

Here’s how I update my older posts

Updating your older posts take less time, yet tends to result in much better results than NEW blog posts do.

AND, it’s a QUICK blog task to do when you only have a few minutes.


5. Keep your eye on the prize

Unless you’re blogging as a hobby (as opposed to blogging as a profitable business), your posts need to be monetized properly.


Amazon Affiliate?

how to make over $1k a month


Monetizing your blog posts should NOT be an “after thought”.

Save your time and skip post ideas that you can’t see a quick and easy way to monetize.


6. Embrace “Auto-Magically”

I love that word – auto-magically – it’s the secret sauce of me being able to get so much done in less time.

Here’s some tips to use “auto-magic” for YOUR blog:

How to Get Traffic To Your Blog Auto-Magically

How To Pin on Pinterest Auto-Magically

Hope those tips help YOU get MORE done in LESS time!

Have a great day!


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