True or False: The Only Way To Make GOOD Money Blogging Is If You Blog ABOUT Blogging?

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Only Those That Blog ABOUT Blogging Make the Big Bucks Online?

Do you think that is true or false?

In today’s “Quick Tip”, let’s talk about whether you can really make good money online if you do NOT blog about blogging.

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Blogging Tips:  The Only Profitable Blogging Niche is to Blog About Blogging?  True or False?

I was recently interviewed by one of my favorite bloggers!

(I just LOVE her unique Pinterest Strategy!)

The main question was:

Can you REALLY make money blogging if you do NOT blog about blogging?

Many folks don’t know that I have MANY blogs – and only ONE of them ( is a blog ABOUT blogging.


In fact, I recently posted this blog case study of my NEW blog that is NOT in the “blogging niche”.

…I recently started a new blog that is a “niche” blog.

Since I’ve been doing this for SO long, I felt the need to start at “zero”, just like so many of you are doing.

The best way for ME to do this was to start a totally new blog in a new niche with new everything.

I happen to LOVE the “$500” a month number – perhaps you’ve heard me talk about my $16.44 a day strategy, right?

So what do YOU think:

Is Blogging About Blogging the Only Way To Make BIG Money Online?

My Answer in My Interview Here


Have a great day!



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