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Easy Additional Income Streams To Try –

If you’re a blogger, there is a niche you are in regardless of the topic you actually blog about – and it’s a VERY profitable niche.

Sadly, I see many, MANY bloggers who don’t monetize for it at all and I know they’re leaving money on the table by not mentioning anything about it on their blog.

What Niche Is It?

The niche I’m talking about is SO glaringly obvious – but so many bloggers won’t touch it (or are uncomfortable with it… or think it won’t work for them… etc etc)

Let’s talk about the niche I’m thinking of and simple ways YOU can incorporate it into your blog and start earning from it.

Simple way to earn more with your blog from

If you run a blog, I think it's really smart to encourage your readers to start their OWN blog.

There's a reason YOU started blogging, right?

Well guess what? 

YOUR READERS will be VERY interested in how YOU get to work from home – as your own boss – by simply blogging.

If you pay attention to income reports from very successful bloggers, you'll notice that "how to blog" affiliate programs earn them a NICE chunk of money every month.


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Now, you don't have to ONLY 'blog about blogging' – but if you make money with your blog on ANY topic, your readers WILL be interested in knowing how YOU do it.


So why not SHARE?


Look, we all got the big idea to blog for money from somewhere, why NOT be the person that lets your readers know it’s possible.

Not only possible, but YOU are DOING it.

Plant the seed then show them where to find the things they’ll need.

By simply adding affiliate links to things like…

Recommended Blog Hosting

Free Blogging 101 Training

How To Use Pre-Written Blog Posts

How To Use Pinterest

How To Write a Posts That Makes Sales

How To Start a Profitable Mom Blog

How To Pick a Niche

The Keyword Tool You SHOULD Be Using

etc, etc, etc….

You will open up new – and VERY profitable – additional income streams for your blog.

How To Do It

You can make dedicated blog posts to that topic –


Add a simple and subtle paragraph or 2 at the end of each post on your blog with links to some recommended resources to get them started.

Better yet, make a subtle paragraph or 2 at the end of each post that links to a page on your site with more info.

That won’t distract from your normal readers experience, but you just might let someone know an option that they didn’t think was possible.


Instead of ONLY linking them to recommended resources, you COULD start an email list so you can then email those readers of yours that are interested in blogging.

hint: this is how I quickly build MY email list – without doing ANY extra work

Now, you'll need to give your readers a REASON to give you their email address – and a "freebie" is usually the perfect incentive.

Don't just think about it – DO IT.

You do not have to ‘upset’ your normal readers, but speaking as one woman who once tripped over the idea of making money online from a totally unrelated source, they just might LOVE you for mentioning it. You could change their life.

As a bonus…

If your posts are already getting traffic, you could see additional earnings almost INSTANTLY.


Don't forget to…

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