How Many NEW Blog Posts Should You Make Each Week?

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How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

I think this is such a GREAT question…

And I bet I won’t answer it like other bloggers do  =)

Let’s talk about how often you should blog and put NEW posts online.

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Blogging Tips:  How Many NEW Blog Posts Should You Publish Each Week?

The question of the day is…

How many NEW blog posts should you publish each week?


Now this answer does depend on how many live blog posts you already have, but to me, once I get about 40-50 posts, how many NEW posts I publish is not nearly as important as how many older posts I update.


Updating posts is VERY powerful.


Think about it – you already have an asset (ie, that blog post) that is already “aged” and out there working for you –

Why not take a few MINUTES to update it and improve it?


4 Steps To Updating Older Posts


When Updating Your Older Posts:

1.  Tweak your post to make more sales

2.  Make a few edits to get more traffic from Google

3.  Improve your skills and learn NEW strategies that work NOW

4.  Improve your Pinterest strategy


Updating older posts is a BIG part of my consistently improving results from my blogs.

I try and update at LEAST one blog post every, single DAY.

It just plain WORKS.

And it only takes a few minutes to do.

Try it!

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Have a great day!




PS – and for my fellow “over-achievers”…

If you’re going to update those older posts (which you SHOULD be doing) – you might as well set up proper blog post tracking too  =)

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