One SIMPLE Trick For Increasing Clicks on Your Affiliate Links

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How To Get More Clicks on the Links In Your Blog Posts

Isn’t it frustrating when you get good traffic to your blog post, but no one CLICKS on the links IN your blog post?

Today’s “Quick Tip” is one simple little thing you can do to easily increase the clicks on your links (and it’s kinda shocking how many bloggers do NOT do this!)

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Blogging Tips: How To Get More Clicks on Links In Your Blog Posts and Affiliate Links

I was recently reviewing some blog posts for a few folks and I noticed something that I need to say (again).

If you have links in your blog posts that you WANT people to click…

Make them obvious!

One sweet woman asked me to take a look at her blog because she wasn’t making any Amazon sales –

So, I went and looked…

and I couldn’t even FIND her Amazon affiliate links in her posts!

and *I’m* LOOKING for them!

Her links were almost the same color as her text and just blended in.

That’s NOT good.


Links you want CLICKED should be blue and underlined.

I know we all love the pretty colors…

but Internet users are “trained” to CLICK blue underlined links.

If you want them to click, do what is proven to GET clicks.

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Have a great day!


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