4 Simple Things SMART Bloggers Do During Slow Seasons

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What Should You DO When Blog Traffic is Down??

It’s really easy to feel defeated when your blog traffic goes down, Down, DOWN during the summer months and other slow seasons online.

Instead of checking and obsessing over your stats, why not try these 4 simple things?

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Blogging Tips: How To Increase Blog Traffic in the Summer and Other Slow Seasons Online

Oh my, summertime –  yes, I LOVE the summer personally, but business-wise?

Yikes! It sure can be slow.

I talked about the “Summer Slump” in this new post on PotPieGirl.com – did you read that?

When summer hits and our traffic and earnings trend downwards, it’s really hard to not check those stats multiple times a day.

Here’s a tip:

Don’t do that.

Seriously:  Stop It!

Instead, do things that are going to make your results even better when traffic DOES trend back UP again.

And it WILL come back – whether YOU are ready for it or not.

This time of year is PERFECT to get in there and update your older posts so they not only rank better in Google, but so they also make more sales.

This time of year is ALSO perfect for learning how to do NEW strategies that work and to learn how to do your normal blogging tasks even better.


Need Help With That?

Here’s some ideas:

1.  How To Get Your Posts to Make More SALES

If you want your blog posts to make MORE sales – these 13 tips and tricks are perfect for you!

If you’re going in to update and improve your older posts, just ONE of these little conversion tricks of mine can make a HUGE difference in your results.

I know they sure work really well for me!

Here’s a tip: 

If your readers are clicking one particular link in your blog post more than other links, move that link to the top of your post!

Wait! You don’t know WHAT your readers are clicking?

Oh no!  You really need to know that stuff!

Here’s how I track activity on my blog posts.


2.  How To Get More Google Traffic

When you go in to update your older posts, take the time to learn how to make the SEO better in your posts so they rank better in Google – and get more traffic.

This is how I improve my blog post SEO


3.  Learn NEW Strategies That Work

Every year, I put out a guide called What Works NOW – and it is, by far, the most popular and most loved training I offer.

That yearly guide is full of simple little things that are working REALLY well to improve the results from my blog posts.

Other bloggers LOVE my What Works NOW guide – not only are the tips and tricks simple and easy to do, the ideas are actionable to where you can read an idea and then go DO it.


4. Freshen Up Your Pinterest Strategy

While you’re updating your older posts, make sure you freshen up your pin images, too.

Believe it or not, pin images in our older blog posts get “stale” and many times, just adding a new pin image can make a HUGE difference for breathing new life into an old post.

If you’re having a hard time getting exposure and impressions on your pins once you pin them to Pinterest, read my “Pin Signals” tips – they work really well!

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To Sum Up…

When Updating Your Older Posts:

1.  Tweak your post to make more sales

2.  Make a few edits to improve your rankings in Google

3.  Apply NEW strategies that work NOW

4.  Improve your Pinterest strategy

It might not FEEL like anything is better when you first do those 4 things, but it WILL make a HUGE difference soon.

And when “soon” is here, you will be SO mad at yourself for NOT taking this “quiet” time to make these quick edits to your posts.

Have a great day!


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